SDCC 2019 Cosplay Gallery

I felt there were strangely less coplayers than previous years.  I don’t know why but the speculation was more strict prop policies mixed with all of Harbor being shut down in front of the convention center for badge holders only – it was simply more difficult to get close to the convention.  Doesn’t mean there wasn’t many talented and creative people to take pics of.  I really loved the family doing the Jurassic Park characters. Tell us who your favorites are in the comments!


11 thoughts on “SDCC 2019 Cosplay Gallery”

  1. Lots of great stuff! Loved the, “They Live,” reference, the OG Ms. Marvel is cool, and that Elmo with the Freddy claws, lol! Also, props to Angela with Spawn, the Image days of the character!

  2. My favorite comicon activity is trying to get somewhere fast only to be stymied by picture taking cosplay and / or giant winged cosplay that occupies an entire aisle. Almost missed my spawn 299s because of this.

    I really wish this was taken to a specific area at all cons

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