Artgerm Killer Cover for Mary Jane #1

Thanks to Kevin at Frankie’s Comics for pointing this one out. Artgerm provides a killer cover for Amazing Mary Jane #1. Mary Jane is in a femme fatale look for the cover.

Amazing Mary Jane #1 is in stores October 23, 2019.

SPINNING RIGHT OUT OF THE PAGES OF AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! ‘YOU JUST HIT THE JACKPOT!’ ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES! The web-head’s favorite redhead (and yours!) is taking a chance on her dreams. But if you’ve read ASM #25, you’ll know MYSTERIO is behind Mary Jane’s big shot, and someone worse is behind him! What’s real and what’s illusion, what’s illusion and what’s Hollywood phoniness? This fall, Leah Williams (AGE OF X-MEN: EXTREMISTS; GIANT MAN) and Carlos Gomez (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL, Red Sonja) bring you all this intrigue plus more action, glamor, grit, and – we’ll say it – sass than anyone’s previously dared fit in five fabulous issues! Face it: you don’t wanna miss this! Rated T

10 thoughts on “Artgerm Killer Cover for Mary Jane #1”

    1. I am sure there will be. Bunch of great artists too I am sure. I like Artgerm. Won’t be shooting for the 1:500 which I already knew about.

      1. I’m trying to picture how many stores will actually have 500 customers wanting Mary Jane to order one? Sounds like something only the chains ordering combined could qualify for based on subscribers and presales. There’s only two Variants so far for AMJ #1 that aren’t quantity Variants and no extra discounts for ordering the standard announced yet. Right now that’s screaming order the Not Virgin Art Germ Stupid Heavy compared to the standard and the blank. It’s sounding like all of them except the 500 Virgin Ratio will be around in mass enough to keep the price down.

        1. I am quite curious as to how they are planning on doing a whole story revolved around Spider-Mans on again, off again wife/girlfriend, who has no power set. I dont plan on reading this series, but I will be getting one of the Artgerm covers for my Spidey PC, so Ill give it a read while im at it. I hope Im pleasantly surprised.

          1. I’m sure there’s a story there but how about picking up some of the other Spider stories left adrift.

            How’s Spider-Woman’s relationship doing and what’s the kid up to now, is he walking, first words, creating alternate earths on the other side of the Sun? You just left the baby in the basket when it was finally getting interesting.

            Renew Your Vows. MJ’s already got a suit and cool kid. Tons of potential stories there if you don’t force a growth spurt on her.

            I’m not even sure where Silk’s at right now!!!!

            Maybe at least the Future Foundation next week will start to bring Power Pack back from one book every 5 years or so limbo. I just read the advance PDF of the new Power Pack one shot and loved it. Straight up feel good 80’s timeframe story. Since Champions is ending maybe some new teen couples. A little 3 way love triangle between Johnathon Richards, Alex Powers and Silk maybe? Jack Power’s probably old enough to be dating now.

  1. Definately getting this. Artgerm covers are always great. Althoug I don’t known how long you can do a series focusing on MJ? Should of just made it a mini.

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