Back Issue Finds – Silver Surfer Vol. 3 Issue 81 and 82 – First Tyrant

With the recent news that Marvel has big plans for Galactus and Tyrant hitting the webs, a book some would overlook is Silver Surfer #81 which is Tyrant’s first appearance.

If you’re out at the local shops this weekend diving through the back issues and bins, this is the book to keep an eye out for. It’s now a solid $20 book for the most part.

Silver Surfer #81 will likely hit that Covrprice list I’d imagine next week or the week after with this recent news.

This post inspired by the forum post discussion started earlier.

It’s probably not a bad idea to pick up #80 and Issue #82 as well, which are commanding some nice dollars as well.

Issue #82 to my knowledge would be considered his first cover appearance as well.

Happy back issue diving and hunting!

11 thoughts on “Back Issue Finds – Silver Surfer Vol. 3 Issue 81 and 82 – First Tyrant”

  1. For Tyrant to be made would mean Galactus would have to be in multiple movies first. Thanos defeats Tyrant and later Tyrant killed by Morg while on Galactus’s ship.

    1. Galactus as a huge Marvel baddie would be pretty awesome spanning across multiple movies. Tyrant being in more than one movie doesn’t make sense. Find and sell, sell, sell!

    2. I’m not picturing the logic about that. Tyrant could walk on in any cosmic scale movie without a prior Galactus appearance. They’ve already walked everyone from Thanos to the Collector on without a prior origin or something to explain how they came into being. It’s all in how the script is written and if anything MCU has shown a tendency to do their own reinterpretations over and over again changing things dramatically from what’s happened in the comics. I’m not sold on Tyrant yet but it’s not hard at all to imagine a few story lines where he’s the bad and the Galactus angle is brought up later. Maybe that’s where the FF have been all along. His prisoners for the last 15 years or so after having been sent against Tyrant by Galactus himself. Maybe even start with the Ultimates version of Galactus the Life Bringer and Tyrant is his opposite counter balance. The yin to his yang. It’s all guessing and FOMO until the official announcements come out. Buy cheap, sell if stupid high is offered now before confirmation. Squirrel one away just in case.

      1. Let’s throw out some crazy. They brought in EGO the Living Planet out of the blue for the last Guardians movie. They even managed to work in an origin story all in the same movie. What if somehow Krakoa is a mutant offshoot of the attempts from Ego to convert Earth? Now you have an open door to walk the current line of HOX & POX X-Men right thru into the MCU. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dreams about the Marvel Comics people working together with the Marvel Movie people for once to align some of their products a little more in line with each other?

        Here’s another crazy one. When Thanos snapped half of all life out of existence, he snapped half the Symbiotes out also that had Knull imprisoned mistakenly believed to be a Planet of the Symbiotes by many whereas it was in reality just a Symbiote mass caging him. During that period of half strength, Knull was freed and the remaining Symbiotes scattered about. Now Sony, FOX and MCU can all get involved in a big mixer upper symbiote mutant cosmic mess by Phase 7.

          1. Back but after the Symbiote God was out of his plantlike cage. Half the Symbiotes are also 5 years older now also so they may not see things exactly the same way as their younger counterparts.

  2. Galactic is a cosmic being, a F4 bad guy. If what they say is true that they want to separate the cosmic with the down to earth types then I don’t see how galactose could be apart of the MCU. I can see silver surfer being in capt marvel or GoTG, but not F4 or an avengers movie.

  3. I’m pretty sure the MCU X-men origin will be a by product of the massive radiation unleashed on earth when Thanos, Prof Hulk and Iron Man used the Infinity Gauntlet.

    They will explain some humans have an X gene and that gene was activated through the Gauntlets global radiation blasts.

    That’s how they will introduce Han mutations hence Mutants!

  4. Tyrant has appeared in 20 comics since, and including, his 1st appearance in SS81. That severe lack of history in the books does not bode well for him being written into the MCU. Imo.

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