Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems #99

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. This will be short and sweet. Been tired and not feeling well. Before we make the money with comics I want to say a few things. First off, Batman Who Laughs #7, Amazing Spiderman #26, Captain America #12, Gwenpool #1-25, and any issue of Casper are my reads of the week. Red Bull, you need to make 40 oz cans. Gwenpool needs cosplay love, as does Jessica Cruiz. Now we need to make the money with comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Flash Rebirth #29– First Bloodwork. I am shocked this book is getting no love. Bloodwork is the main villain for the first half for season six. This is now a awesomesauce media wall book at $10 but you can find it for cover price and less at stores and shows

2. Playboy October 1989 – This is comic related I swear. First Pam Anderson in Playboy. Pam Anderson and playboy are the peanut butter and jelly of America Pam Anderson is an American treasure #testify. Pam Anderson has been in a ton of comic related projects. I just rewatched Striperella and it is amazing, one of Stan Lee’s, God rest his soul, greatest Post-Marvel creation. Pam is doing Fan Expo Boston and cgc is there, so grab this issue of Playboy, the August 1993 issue, which goes for $50 and up, Comics Greatest World the Barb Wire issue and get that s.s.ed and make mad money as an 9.8

3. Betty #101 – all the T&A Archie covers are blowing up. First of all, Riverdale is a great show. The Archie tv-verse is growing . Betty Cooper is becoming a cosplay all star, but this issue is a modern Betty bondage cover, with Betty in a bikini and walking Archie on a dog leash.  And it is hot hot hot $10-40

4. Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1 – the Crisis is coming to the CW. Out of everything coming in the fall, this is what I am most excited for. Yes, the Anti Monitor first appeared in Crisis #2 & Crisis #6, #2 in shadow and #6 is his first full. But in the Sinestro Corp War Special, he makes his first post-crisis appearance can’t wait to see him on screen $5-10

5. Maxx #1 Glow in the Dark Variant – can we please start calling all comics from 1989-2000 the gimmick age? Wow so many gimmicks, my favorite is the glow in the dark. I love the MTV series of the Maxx. I wish sam Keith would do more with him but this is not a easy find $30-50 on ebay

6. Stranger Things SDCC Ashcan 2018 – OK, I am going to start watching Stranger Things. I will binge all three seasons soon enough the comics are hot and this ashcan was at the 2018 sdcc. Just a fun find and can be flipped and s.s.ed $10 and up

7. Oni Double Feature #12 – Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker of all time.  Kevin is the modern day Stan Lee #testify. This is the first Bluntman and Chronic in comic books. The Jay and Silent Bob reboot movie looks great, loved the trailer, and Kevin is the g.o.a.t. #testify $25

8. Infinite Crisis #7 – the coolest thing to be announced about the CW Crisis is Brandon Routh coming back as Superman and having two supermen on the screen at once. I think we will get three Supermen on screen depending if we get Tom Welling in the Crisis. My best guess are that Tom Welling will play a Batman (and this is wishful thinking) but why not get Terence Stamp for one last time play General Zod. Hell bring all three phantom zone villains back for a sweet good-bye. Burt Ward is coming back so it would be nice to have players from every aspect of the DCU, other media history on screen. This is the Earth 2 Superman and the Earth-prime Superman fighting. Cheap $5 cheap

Well that is it for this week. Going to take a nap and play with my puppy, love that dog, love you guys! Thanks for being the greatest blessing in my life.
Blind adam out

7 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems #99”

  1. Great write up! Almost done with stranger things s3, great show. The con variants seem to hold their value as well

  2. Adam, surfers use a “leash” to help them recover their surfboards after they fall off (regarding Betty #100). I think that cover is hinting that Betty is using Archie as her surfboard.

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