23 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B’s: Venom #19 JeeHyung Lee Mary Jane Cover”

  1. Was literally about to post this on the forum – such a gorgeous cover

    Given recent trends I can see store exclusive virgin cover for this and it’ll be worth it

    1. Why would a store book, at $20+, be ‘worth it’, when you can buy the same image at your LCS for $4? A store book with reused art is never ‘worth’ it. Imo.

      1. I agree…always go with he trade dress in these situations…the virgins are not good investments. I cant Think of one virgin store variant that has a higher “rate of return” than the $4 trade dress equivalent.

        If you are in love with it for the PC, fine. Bt as an investment you’re better off going with the trade.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣. Noclue. I just noticed that🤣 That is too funny. I got my own online haters now. I didnt realize my opinion was so respected. Huh. Neat. That is rather flattering.

  2. @ladydeath. Do you not see the hypocrisy of someone (you, noclue) posting a message hating on a guy, because you think he is a hater?
    Very rich.
    And, yes, I will continue to mention the dangers of investing in worthless store books. Thank you for reading, and taking interest in me and my opinions. Enjoy your day, gentlemen. 🍻✌️
    I cant wait to see your meme. Does a my own meme mean Ive made it? 😂

  3. “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.”

  4. Why was my comment censored. Is it because store variants hurt your business. It is obvious you are not allowed to have a different opinion on here or else you will be censored.

    Yet you will allow someone to constantly spam every store variant related article in an attempt to disparage those who might like something different. Why are you not enforcing this @agent

    1. Because you keep changing your name from the same IP. The system keeps flagging you as spam. You are also acting like a troll. That’s why I went ahead and deleted your comment. It adds no value when you make it personal.

      Tell us why you like store variants but when you make it personal, then you’re going to likely get censored. Also, stick with a name and run with it. Changing your name to make it look like it’s different people is not going to win you any brownie points.

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