Something Is Killing Children FOC Frison Variant – Book To Watch

Frison has her fans. She makes some really sweet Wonder Woman Killer B variants. She’s now doing some magical stuff for the new Something is Killing Children as news popped up on BOOM!’s website to reveal her new variant cover.

This cover was practically unknown and unrevealed. Midtown, TFAW and others didn’t even have this book listed originally for pre-orders out of Previews.

It’s dubbed the FOC variant. I haven’t been able to find out more information on this variant and why it’s so late to the game but if your local comic shop can’t order it or won’t order it, here’s a shop you can order to ensure you get a copy as I think most retailers might have missed this one unless they go back in and review what’s available for books.

You can also grab the Regular A and B covers as well. Seems this online shop has some great discount prices for a lot of new books one could take advantage of.

8 thoughts on “Something Is Killing Children FOC Frison Variant – Book To Watch”

  1. It is still available to order through Diamond but since it is an FOC varIant. You have to put the order in at your LCS by Monday August 12th.

  2. This is still the only online shop that has it. TFAW, Unknown, Midtown, none of them have it up for order. I think the print run could be quite low for this cover. Just depends on how many LCS put in for it. My shops don’t carry very much Boom product anyways

    1. Yeah, I think it might still fly under the radar.. pretty sure most shops it will be a ghost book. They might only order for only those who ask to put in their pull…

  3. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. Low print Frison seems like a no-brainer, imho. I have been wrong many, many times, before, however.
    Thanks, for the tip, though, for certain.

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