CHU Giveaway Ideas – Best Idea Gets A CHU Sticker

So I posted this on the forums, which isn’t gaining much traction. I know, you all were out buying comics today instead of reading CHU right?

So our next giveaway is upon us and it’s a pretty cool one.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the 1 Per Store Absolute Carnage Variant. Okay so it’s only selling for around $40 on the secondary market while Midtown is trying to offload it at $212.50. Midtown won’t even sell this at 75% off in a few months at that price..

But you’re not getting this book yet. Let’s come up with some ideas of how to give this book away to a lucky winner.

The person with the best idea that we choose will receive one of our early proof CHU stickers we had made.

So head to the forums, pitch your idea on a cool way to give away this book. Don’t overthink it or make it too complicated, it seems most just want to throw their name in the hat to win and not put too much effort into contests.

Click here to pitch your idea..