Pre-Game Report for 8/21/19

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Let the games begin with this week!!!


Regular Covers

Love She Offered #2 – Follow up to the stellar selling first issue.  Listings starting at $14.99

Immortal Hulk #21 2nd Print – Listings out there for cover price, but sales as high as $15 .

Dead End Kids #2 – listings starting at the $20-$25 rang with sales of $29 presale

Psycho List #1 – Small press book with big price on the secondary market. Sales as high as $23.99 with many listings around $19.99

Powers of X #3 – once the spoilers out this could go up more. The secret variant is a $20 book. Asking prices on the regular going up as well.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 8/21/19”

    1. Yeah…all for an “apparent” death? Or is it what’s on the cover?

      Not sure this has staying power….but still available at some online sites like MyComicShop despite going form:$20-$25 on eBay. Had to complete two orders to get two copies even though I’ll look for minty ones tomorrow. Love the A cover…

    2. I had faith and doubled my order for A Covers. ALWAYS BET ON A even when people are telling you its all a dream. That’s how that goes right?

  1. Almost had an order completed at Midtown for A/B cover of Batman 77 and then they were gone from my cart. Mycomicshop is gone too. This book is going bananas. Guess I will be heading to LCS to look tomorrow.

    1. You betcha!

      This one drops faster than Walking Dead 193!

      I wonder if shops will have it marked up like they did with CM #8 tomorrow….gonna be a big print run.

  2. Curious to see if that Captain Marvel #8 2nd print will be readily available? I feel like it was talked about, plenty of notice, but I still see posts of it not being an easy find. I think the cover is just really, really good. Simple but…wow.

    If STAR does end up being long term/holds her momentum, this could def be a nice book to have. I’m happy to have it regardless of value to be honest.

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