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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 252nd edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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    1. Yeah, scripts get stolen all the time. Even though I don’t work in the “industry” anymore I did for a decade and that sort of thing albeit not common wasn’t all to rare either. Sucks when the little guy can’t get ahead because big studios/directors/producers take a script they like and change it juuuust enough… Again, doesn’t happen all the time of course, but it does happen.

      1. I usually get B covers in my pull, so rather than risk it I ordered the A from MCS. Midtown sold out as I tried to close he sale…sold out most places and now MCS. You can still get it from forbidden planet nyc, but not sure how well they ship…

        Not sure what the fuss is about yet…but at least I’ve secured a few before

  1. Was just stopping into the LCS on the drive home for a minute.

    Grabbed a copy of Spider Men II #1 for cover at my LCS today.

    Also found the sketch one per store variant sitting in the shelf for cover price and grabbed that too!

    Wonder what tomorrow’s stops will bring…

  2. batman #77 hoping this sticks .and just for kicks a hidden gem will be batnab #497 and legends of batman the dark knight s #16-20 vengeance of bane is a key but the venom story is not a key w.t.f. is this?bane is the man #testify blind adam out

  3. Marvel/Disney and Sony Spider-Man deal no more.

    Well looks like Disney wanted a 50/50 revenu split in future solo Spidey films (currently they get 5% of the solo Spidey films revenu) and Sony said they rather keep the deal as is so Disney pulled out.

    Wonder how this will affect future storylines in both SMU and MCU, but especially Somy movie universe now that Spidey will interact with the remaining Sony characters like Venom.

    Also how will comics be affected.

    Time will tell.

  4. Great week of pick ups!

    Doctor Aphra #35
    Blade Runner #2
    Batman #77 (4 copies)
    Psycho List #1 (visited 4 shops and only one had this book and it was the only copy)
    House of X #2 (2nd print)

    Looked for Dead End Kids #2 and secret variant of Powers of X, but struck out!

    Spec pick ups:
    The Boys #2 (1st Frenchman and Mother’s Milk) 2 copies at $4 each
    The Boys #3 (1st The Seven-Homelander) 2 copies at $4 each
    Spider-Men II #1 (1st evil Miles Morales) 3 copies at $3 each
    House of X #2 Putri connecting variant $9

    Good hunting everyone.

  5. 27 phone calls so far today about Batman 77. At this rate we might catch the record of 71 for Batman Damned 1.

  6. I received two refunds from shops with orders for Batman 77 A/B covers that I placed last night saying they were out of stock. I get that it happens but it’s just frustrating that when you put the order in and it’s confirmed you think you got it

      1. It was a brick and mortar shop but they also run an online store as well. I mean I get that it’s probably hard to keep up with what you have in stock on your website. Just wish there was a system in place that wouldn’t accept an order if they are out of stock

        1. I had two people cancel eBay orders today for these. Eventually sold them again, but at lower prices. Had to pay ebay listing fees too.

    1. Sometimes it happens. I had to cancel two sales on ebay last night cause diamond only sent me one batman 77. Its frustrating cause u think u have a sale and it hurts to give money back.

    2. 4 weeks ago I had 50 comics missing. 3 weeks ago I had about 100 damaged so they couldn’t be shipped. This week everything arrived and the only damage was the cardboard rubbing a copy of Deadpool Annual like sandpaper here that was at the top of the box. Presales with Diamond are getting to be a game of roulette. I have an invoice in my hand for next week that still doesn’t show my replacement copies of the Absolute Carnage 2 per store Premiere Variants coming in that were damaged. One of those was presold.

  7. Picking up:
    Goon 4
    Vampi 2 Artgerm virgin variant should be coming in the mail soon. I liked it better than with the title. A few days after I preordered this, a virgin foil went on sale.

    Picked up tickets for a Joe Bob Briggs lecture at my local movie theater. Reverend Horton Heat is coming back to Portland this January.

  8. I know all the headaches that store owners have to go through just to stay in business. I was able to grab a copy of Once and Future #1 for cover from them so it’s all good.

  9. Lucky to live within 20 miles of 5 stores. My closest shop only allows 1 copy per issue of hottest new stuff though.
    Got Batman 77b (was not flying off the shelf during the first hour of the day though)
    Pretty violent 1b (ordered 1a online)
    Bad reception 1:10
    Capt. Marvel 8
    Powers of X 3 Bengal Variant (2 others coming in mail), not paying $60 for secret variant that they wanted
    No one locally has Psycho List but I ordered it the other day from the company site
    Headless 1 and Canto 3 coming to my closest shop whenever they finally ship.
    Got Strayed both covers waiting at another LCS.
    Going into a 3rd LCS tomorrow to pick up Dead End Kids #2 they are holding, plus other covers of what I couldn’t get today.
    Not a bad week.

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