Throwback Thursday

This week we go back just two years to a DC book that kicked off and eventually gave us one of the more popular villains in quite some time.

Two years ago in August of 2017 DC gave us Dark Nights Metal #1. Time truly flies by, seems like it was just yesterday this was all the rave.

This book had a lot going for it at the time, introducing a bunch of new characters and tie-ins. The one character that really took off was Batman Who Laughs.

With just a shadow as a cameo appearance in the first issue, Batman Who Laughs first full appearance didn’t happen until Teen Titans #12 which has become a key book.

Written by Scott Snyder and art by Greg Capullo, this was a great series and read for a big event type book. It was one of the better events coming out of DC and I think will be a book most DC collectors will keep and seek out for the personal collection for generations to come.

This week’s throwback is a quickie. Tell us what your favorite character that spun out of the Metals stories is.

15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Did TBWL actually appear in this book? I thought the shadow appearance wes the end of The Forge.

    Will have to go back and look. Fandom lists them as Antagonists in a dream sequence, but then the synopsis doesn’t say a thing about it.

    I will say this book was a ghost in 9.8 shape. Lots of production damage. So if you got one that would potentially grade 9.8 keep it safe! You never know!

  2. He had a full appearance with dialog in #2…came out same day as TT12. Snyder confirmed #2 is first in storyline.

  3. If BWL wasn’t on the cover of TT #12 there would be no debate of which book is first.

    However TT also had a smaller print run so that too would have probably pushed TT #12 by the market as well I guess.

    OH well. I got both so who cares amirite?

    1. Disagree. TT 12 was a full app. And smaller print run.

      Look at Venom 7 vs 9 right now…neither have Dylan on the cover, yet the full appearance is clearly out pacing the cameo.

  4. I don’t have a problem with the focus on the BWL, but it would be good to see some of the other Dark Knights re-appear in the DC titles. I know, technically, the only Dark Knight to survive was BWL, but we all know how that goes in the comic book universe.

  5. It’s one of my favorite series ever. I have a short box of DK Metal books. Multiple copies and covers of every book except that awful Hawkman book. I bought 3 copies of TT 12 Cover A a week before they came out. They are all 9.0 or a little higher. I refuse to let them go. I knew back then that he would be a big deal. I think his potential long term has no limit. I hope he makes it into a movie one day. Snyder said hes getting his own series.

    1. I bought all the foil covers, including the one shots, and either a Mattina or Dell Otto store variant of each issue of Metal. A couple I have both artists.

      All my foil covers were hand picked and likely 9.8s EXCEPT Metal #1….could never find an undamaged copy of that one.

      I have a TT12 and the other books from that arc, but at best it’s a 9.4, I believe. Needs a press.

      I also grabbed the second printing if TT12…I’m shocked that hasn’t jumped in value given how TT12 took off…

    2. Yep, liked this event and went a bit nuts buying a few copies of each book + several variants. Of course, the one that I didn’t get several copies of was TT #12, and in fact I got skunked by my LCS on the A cover, though I did get the B cover. I bought a few of the TT #12 second printings plus a couple of the foil covers, but obviously the best one to have is the A cover. I may have filled a short box, but I’d have to double-check that ( I think it may have been 1+, actually).

  6. red death is #awesomesauce.waiting for one day graphic audio to one dya do this is a audio book.the soundtrack is amazin as well. b.w.l. is the breakout star would love to see more of his robins love you all blind adam out

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