Undiscovered Country #4 – Sneak Peek Preview

Undiscovered Country is the new big Image book. With Scott Snyder and Charles Soule writing, we’re definitely in for a wild ride with this series.

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From Option to Screen – The Books We’d Love To See Adapted Part I

Every week, hundreds of new comic books hit the local shelves. Many of these are long ongoing titles while others come and go quickly, being mini-series or one shots.

Last fall we visited a bunch of the books and titles that had options or media deals that have not gone beyond the option or if they did, they’re still in the wee early stages of ever getting turned into a show.

This is where we dive into the books that either haven’t been optioned or if they did, it’s long expired that we would all love to see and welcome being adapted into a television show or movie.

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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Wrap Up

Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) took place over the Memorial Day weekend.  2017 was a rough year for the event: staffing issues, near shooting incident, and taking on SDCC over the use of ‘comic con’ name. That’s all in the past now and they have revamped the con for 2018 in many ways. Now wristbands are mailed in advance, far more security checkpoints/entrances, and a slew of minor improvements throughout the convention center. Continue reading “Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Wrap Up”

Return of the Joker to Scott Snyder's Batman, already happened

The cover of the return of the Joker has been bouncing around on the cover to Batman #37. But it looks like he has been here the whole time. Continue reading “Return of the Joker to Scott Snyder's Batman, already happened”

First Appearance of Wytches

If Wytches heats up, as it should, people will want to find the early appearance / first appearance of the book and characters. Here is one still cheap, for now. Continue reading “First Appearance of Wytches”

Preview of Scott Snyder's Wytches

Entertainment Weekly ran a six page preview of Scott Snyder’s new horror series Wytches, coming out from Image. Scott Snyder is a fan favorite, especially for his work on the New 52’s Batman. Continue reading “Preview of Scott Snyder's Wytches”