Spoilers: Absolute Carnage #1, To Catch a Spider

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 is in stores tomorrow. It follows up the events in Absolute Carnage #2. It features a bit of a change for Miles.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unseen. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Absolute Carnage #1, To Catch a Spider”

  1. The article I read today is suggesting that the Doppleganger source organism is a morphing type that changes shape for need so if this is the same then it’s the equivalent of a costume change for an existing character.
    “The Doppelganger began life as a living fractal, a geometric pattern in the Dimension of Manifestations, able to assume the forms and attributes of any being, real or abstract.”

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