Midnight Sky #1 from Scout Comics – Advanced Sneak Preview

Midnight Sky #1 comes out September 25th and is a new Scout Comics by James Pruett and Scott Van Domelen.

The story started out a little confusing for me, not really knowing what’s going on as I went into this advance preview without reading any solicitations for it.  As the story progresses, it starts to make more sense.

The world is dark now while the ones you know might not be that person you thought or who they were.

Here’s your sneak peek preview.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Sky #1 from Scout Comics – Advanced Sneak Preview”

  1. This is a great story, I think you guys will like it, the diamond solicitation is wrong though, it’ll be out September 11!

    1. Oh nice, so it got bumped up Cause I believe TFAW still had it listed for the 24th as well.

      Yeah, Ive read the first issue, its a good read. Looking forward to the next issue.

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