Spoilers: Venom #18 Preview Hints at a “New Creation”

Venom #18 is in stores September 11. Everyone has been wondering what is coming down the pike for Dylan, but could the preview be hinting at a new creation. Check it out below.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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23 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #18 Preview Hints at a “New Creation””

  1. sleeper touches dylan figures out hes half symboite and cant bond with him. my guess. but does sleeper touching him trigger dylans inner symboite?

    1. I totally think that, and have been saying it from the beginning that Dylan is the son of Venom, he is a symbiote. It came out that Dylan is the Codex from Anne.

  2. I think you’re both right, Dylan’s possibly a human version of Knull. When he’s ready, he won’t need a symbiote. So what about the Sleeper hype? I think people were gambling on Sleeper being Dylan’s personal symbiote, hence the massive price hike. Will Sleeper still remain as popular?

    1. Any word if the regular issue is sold out
      At midtown yet? Wondering if there will be a 2nd print “reveal” cover….maybe even a 1:25 incentive!

  3. I wish this site wasn’t s.f.w. sometimes.my dirty mind wants to say a few things .but I think Dillon either bonds with sleeper or dillion learns that he is venom’s son from sleeper and if sleeper doesn’t bond with Dillon what does that dof or the price of first host #3&venom #165?i see Dillon being sleeper as it is just awesomesauce love you all blind adam olut

    1. The Maker did say he is the Codex that Ann had when she merged with Venom. I don’t think sleeper bonds with Dylan. I think he unlocks Dylan or reveals his secret to Dylan.

  4. I bought one of each cover mostly because Im into the storyline and feel like something key issuey might happen at any time. But im still not sure sure if 18 is goung to be a gold nugget or a hunk of fools gold. I cant tell if the spoiler panels are at the end of the comic setting up the result of the sleeper/dylan bonding attempt for issue 19 or will the result be known in 18. Im really excited to find out tho.

    1. Yeah, I think 18 or 19 will be the big deal…but likely not the regular covers as they’ll likely have big print runs. So I went with 1:25 covers for both to cover my basis. Thinking 18 will sell out if there’s a cameo and a second print likely with a secret reveal cover….or maybe 19 will be that way. And wouldn’t be shocked if it had a 1:25 incentive as well…

  5. *hit*….not *hot*….it will be hot though. Lowest presale on eBay is $25 shipped right now…no sales yet…midtown still has then for $3.99.

      1. The original Hybrid character was the amalgamation of 4 symbiotes back in Venom:Along Came a Spider. I haven’t read the issue yet but is it possible that it is the same character or Cates not knowing the history of the symbiotes? Meaning he created a new character but didn’t realize there was already a character with that name used 13 years ago.

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