Throwback Thursday

We don’t only travel back to 1976, we have to travel through space for this Throwback Thursday.

Hope that opening line was as cheesy for you as it was for me to write. But seriously, this Thursday is all about Nova who was introduced in The Man Called Nova #1 in September of 1976.

This Nova series ran for 25 issues, apparently leaving some story lines without any resolution until they cleared these up starting in Fantastic Four #206 through #214 which included some Galactus battles along with introducing us to Terrax the Tamer in issue #211. We also got a first look at H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot.

Surprisingly Nova appeared on none of the covers in the Fantastic Four stories.

Nova sort of vanished for quite some time until he shows up as a member of New Warriors in The Mighty Thor #411. This kicked off the New Warriors titled series that ran for almost 75 issues.

With Nova getting his own movie, a lot of these books could be come key books.

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