Variant Picks of the Week for December 2nd, 2020

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Spoilers: Empyre Fantastic Four #0 – Meet The New Elder

A lot of sites released the spoiler pages from the upcoming Empyre Fantastic Four #0 but without the bubble speech. Well, CHU got a hold of the pages with bubble text and dialogue, to give you a true first look at the new Elder of the Universe named the Profiteer.

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Throwback Thursday

It’s been a few weeks since the last Throwback Thursday, which I apologize for. Been busy juggling work, school for kids, crap to do around the house and just quite frankly, trying to find any motivation at all is exhausting.

This week I’m heading back to April of 1972..  where Marvel kicked off a new title and the creators Roy Thomas and Gil Kane revamped a relatively unknown character into someone we, the comic book world, all know today…..

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John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic?

This news might of already showed up in your news feed but since there’s no new comics hitting shelves, any comic and MCU related news grabs my attention. I thought this one was worthy in talking about.

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Marvel Unlimited Adds Free Access to Iconic Stories

Caught up on your readings from books you own and behind on your Marvel reading of books you might not have read yet or own?

Well, Marvel is making some of their more recent stories available for free.

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Throwback Thursday

This weeks throwback is a little different. It’s not even about a particular character but it’s been very important in the Marvel Universe. It’s even played a huge role in the Marvel movies. Comic enthusiasts talk about it all the time and it’s something even my wife is familiar with if you mention it by name.

What the heck could I even talking about? Can you guess? And it’s been around since February of 1966?

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Bryan Singer confirms plans for Fantastic Four to crossover with X-Men

Fox, say what you will, has two of Marvel’s big film properties and has no plans to release them back to Marvel. Wth that being said, word came out that Bryan Singer has confirmed plans to have the two groups cross-over in a film.  Continue reading “Bryan Singer confirms plans for Fantastic Four to crossover with X-Men”