Recommended Reads and Pickups – FOC Edition

We highlight books in Previews at the beginning of each month, now it’s time to recommend a select few before final order cutoff after we obtained advanced preview copies we could read, which gives us a good idea not only if the book has the potential to heat up (if the demand is there) but if it’s just in general a great read, with great art.

A great story with great art is a contributing factor to whether a book heats up and goes up in value, whether that’s before release or after release.

I’m going to start off with a new Black Label Joker book that’s written by Jeff Lemire and art by Andrea Sorrentino. That book is Joker: Killer Smile

Joker Killer Smile #1 (of 3)This one was on my must read and pick up list as soon as I saw Joker and Lemire on the same title. It’s a bonus that Sorrentino who’s done some great cover art is doing the interiors for this. The style is perfect for this story line.

Joker Killer Smile #1 (of 3) (Andrews Variant)Could you imagine being a psych doctor for inmates at Arkham Asylum. Doctor Ben Arnell is convinced that he can cure the Joker. But the Joker is no ordinary inmate or person for that matter. A man shrouded with mystery of his origins.

Can Doctor Arnell do what no other doctor has done or will he become the subject of the Joker?

This first issue has got me yearning for the next issue. It’s a 3 issue mini-series which seems suitable for this in your head psych story of probably the most dangerous villain in the DC Universe.

Pre-order from TFAW or Pymccomics. FOC is this Monday Sept 30th.

There is also the Kaare Andrews variant available as well.

The next pick is another Black Label book which got me excited when I first saw the artist for the title. It’s the type of book I’d buy just for the cover without reading it but even the story and interior art intrigues me.

The Last God from Philip Kennedy Johnson and Ricardo Federici with Kai Carpenter is the next recommended read.

Last God #130 years ago heroes traveled beyond their world to kill the last god, saving their realm called Cain Anuun.

They become rulers, bringing prosperity and peace. Tyr is their King who they all worship as the god slayer.

But are they false heroes? Did they actually finish the job so many have known to be true for so long?

A slave gladiator wins enough matches for freedom to only be denied his freedom. Despite his request for freedom but to join the Kings army, he’s loyal to the rulers and to Tyr. Soon enough, the city burns and a new class of heroes might have to do what the aging rulers claimed they did 30 years ago, slay the Last God.

They have to return to the Black Stair in order to save their world.

The cover art is fantastic and the interior arts are as refined as the cover art, you still get the magic that Federici brings forth.

Pre-order from TFAW or Pymccomics. FOC for this one is October 7th.

There is also a card stock variant. I’m not keen on these card stocks but I must say, the artwork on it is pretty bad ass.


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