July 2019 Previews Spotlight for Upcoming DC Comics

In the past we always tend to focus on the Killer B books for these upcoming DC books. I figured it’s time we expand into all of DC’s forthcoming titles and covers.

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Throwback Thursday

Long ago in 1917, a man named Will Eisner was born. This man would end up being one of the most iconic cartoonists in the industry. They even named the most prestigious awards in comics after him, the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

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Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 15th, 2019

Once again, that time is upon us. This week it’s the middle of the month for May, with two Wednesdays now behind us and two still in front, hopefully a winner will come out of this weeks books unlike the past few weeks which seem to be a little more dead, at least with books carrying any heat.

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Poyo’s Spec and Drek for April 17th, 2019

We are now half way through April already. It was tax day on the 15th here in the U.S. so I hope all you comic book buyers didn’t have any huge tax bills that affected this weeks purchases.

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Throwback Thursday for March 28th, 2019

This one is a fun one. About a month or so back, we were talking about a “creeper” in the comments of a Wednesday Forum. So this Throwback Thursday goes back to 1968, to talk about First Appearance of the Creeper in Showcase #73.

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February 2019 in Review – Part II

With these monthly reviews, we find out how right or wrong we were, what we missed and what you can likely still find at cover price whether it’s at the local comic shop or at online retailers. Here’s Part II cover Febraury 2019.

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One Week Later Report for March 27th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 3/20/2019.

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Recent DC sold out books

Thanks to Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com for the info. 
DC books do not sell out as often as other company’s books. This is mostly because of how they do their print runs. So when a DC book sells out it is worth noticing. Here is a list of recent DC series that have sold out and could heat up.  Continue reading “Recent DC sold out books”

DC comics ending the New 52

Thanks to Tyson B. for this one.
Here we go again, the New 52 Universe, which replaced the long standing DC Universe, is ending and will be replaced by a new Post-Convergence Universe come June.

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‘Justice League of America’ #4 major character death

One thing that gets comic fans and speculators interested in a book is a characters death. Especially, a fan favorite and major characters death brings in the buyers. Well ‘Justice League of America’ #4 has the death of a major character in spades. This book should be picked up before it sells out at your local comic shop.

This book leads into this summers DC comics event ‘Forever Evil’ and features the death of a Batman favorite character. At this point, if you do not want to know who it is, stop reading, and stay off the Internet.

Unsure how it will play out, if she will be brought back to life, if it was someone else under the costume, or if someone new will now be under the costume, but Selena Kyle takes a bullet to the head at the end of the issue. The page shows red blood and it wasn’t done in the shadows, so there is no doubt she took it to the temple.

Diamond Advanced Reorder List 5/16/13

One way to guage how hot a comic is/will be is by the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list. This gives retailers a chance to up their orders for books that may have caught some heat before the release and before the final order cut offs. So without further ado, this weeks advanced reorder list (Dominated by DC Comics and Superman Unchained #1)

1. Superman Unchained #1 – Retailers are reordering this DC $4.99 book drawn by Jim Lee. It appears several times on the list like:

2. Superman Unchained #1 – 75th anniversary “Reborn” Variant

3. Green lantern #21 – Promo Rings are back causing an uptick in Green Lantern book orders.

4. Batman Superman #1 – Relaunch of the out-of-continuity series featuring DC’s heavy hitters

5. Walking Dead TPB Vol 18 – Sales Juggernaut for comic shops (and book stores alike, but that is not represented here)

6. East of West #1 4th Printing – Even with heavy orders on this Hickman book, people are still clamoring for it.

7. Superior Spider-man #11 – Following on the Peter is gone story we will see How Spider-ock handles life without responsibility with all that power

8. Thanos Rising #3 The story of Thanos’ disfunctional childhood continues, great story so far.

9. Earth 2 #13

10. Jupiters Legacy #1 2nd print – Even with a considerable overprint and huge print run, this hot book has gone back to a second print. We have been moving the Phantom Variants pretty easily.

11. All New X-men #14

12. Age of Ultron #9 – Orders are ramping up for the introduction of Neil Gaimen’s Angela to the Marvel U. in #10

13. Amazing Spiderman Omnibus

14. Ten Grand #2 – 1st issue sold well retailers saw better than expected sales (I would imagine due to speculation of Image books.) but it was a good first issue.

15. Ten Grand #1 2nd Print – see above.

16. Herobear and the Kid Special #1- The fantastic all ages book is back and now from Boom. The early issues of the self published series used to command good money, hopefully we will see the prices rise on them again.

17. Daredevil Dark Nights

18. Superman Unchained #1 75th anniversary Modern Age Variant – see 1 and 2.

19. Superman Unchained #1 75th anniversary Lex Luthor Variant – See 1 and 2.

20. Iron Man #11 – I have heard rumors on this run….. The Secret Origin story line started out nicely with a ton of variants on #9. Number #10 featured “Starks 7” an Oceans 11 riff. When will we find out that Tony Stark is part alien, I would imagine very soon (if the rumors are true)

21. Cable and X-Force #9

22. Dardevil End of Days HC

23. Adventure Time TPB Vol. 3

24. Kick Ass 3 #2 – Millar’s Teen “real life” super hero saga comes to an end with this series.

25. Venom Enemy Within TPB

Batgirl 19: Mainstream comics first transgender character


Oh boy here is one that went under the radar and was just announced today. Batgirl #19, which shipped today, has a big reveal. Barbara Gordon’s friend, Alysia Yeoh, tells Bab’s that she is transgender. The reveal happens while Barbara is opening up about her paralysis, the Joker (The Killing Joke), and about the wheel chair ramp in her van. Alysia lets loose that she is transgender.


So, big reveal that was not covered in the news, yet. Might be worth picking up. The story just came out about 30 minutes ago.

Batman and Robin #19 Carrie Kelley Robin?


Yeah, the same Carrie Kelley that appeared in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Not sure how the story will pan out, but Bleeding Cool reported that there was a print run of 18,000 available through Diamond that have sold out as of Sunday night. This book drops on Wednesday and would be worth picking up.

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorders

One way to gauge how hot a comic is/will be is by the Advanced Reorder list from Diamond Comics. This is a list of books being most reordered by retailers before the publication date of the comic.

1. Age of Ultron #6 – This is Marvel’s current big event book. I cannot see too huge of a rise in some of the issues as so many copies have been printed. With Angela being introduced to the 616 it might be worth picking up.

2. Five Ghosts, Haunting of Fabian Gray #2 – Retailers missed out on ordering enough of the first issue but are upping their orders on the second. Did you get the first issue of this book? It’s good, really good. Showing movement on the secondary market already! Phantom Variant by Ben Templesmith to support it.


3. Batman #18 2nd Printing – Death of Robin fallout, worth picking up the first print if you can still find them.

4. Star Wars #1 4th Printing – The 1st printing saw brisk sales on eBay but has fallen off some with the subsequent reprints.

5. Five Ghosts, Haunting of Fabian Gray #1 2nd Printing – retailers did not order enough of the 1st print and now are covering for people who want this series. (When will retailers learn to up orders on talked about Image books?)

Other Notable entries:

7. Chin Music #1 – A new talked about #1 from Image (looks like they might be learning after all.) This is also another good speculation book as it has been talked about a lot and is being reordered in advance.

10. Miniature Jesus #1 – Another new Image #1 being reordered in advance. Also a speculator pick.

11. Peter Panzerfaust 10 2nd Printing – Hopefully the 1st prints will see an uptick in sales since it is sold out, has a small print run, and is in demand. This has been flat at cover price on eBay since it came out. (Partially due to the fact that “The Croc” was supposed to be introduced and wasn’t.

Well there you go folks. I hope this gives you something to think about and look for.

House keeping items

In the transition from our old blog to this one I did not put out a couple of books that are heating up, albeit cooling down a little now.  So here is the post as it should have run on the blogspot site

Two books I have been selling like crazy, that the shop owners do not seem to know are hot, are Injustice Gods Among Us and the Black Beetle.


Of the two, Black Beetle is my fave. It is a grim and gritty (cliche I know) noir super/science hero. It is very much in the vein of Lobster Johnson. Since the writer/artist Francesco Francavilla did some work for Mignola it is not surprising.


The first appearance was in Dark Horse presents 11. There are two covers for this one, the regular fetches around $13 and the Francavilla fetches around $20. There is a 0 issue which reprints the Dark Horse Presents chapters and goes for about $30. The #1 issue is pulling in about $20 (these have dipped a little since i first wrote this but are still commanding a premium.)


The second book is a DC video game tie in, Injustice Gods Among Us. The video game has a lot of hype and it has spilled over into the comic back story adaptation. #1 of this book is still sitting on a lot of shelves, mostly because people do not usually buy non-cannon video game tie ins. It is fetching $14-20.


This has been an easy flip as the demand for this book is strong.