Did Marvel Spoil The Identity of The Masked Raider

Marvel introduced The Masked Raider, a character who has been intertwined in the Marvel history going back its 80 years. He was introduced in Marvel Comics #1000. The issue shows many wearers of the Eternity Mask the current version wears. But did Marvel slip up and give possible clues as to who the new bearer of the Eternity Mask is?

Marvel Free Previews #27 is in stores tomorrow. It features a preview of the upcoming comic “Incoming.” Incoming focuses heavily on The Masked Raider. The question though is, did Marvel Spoil the Masked Riders identity in the preview. Check it out below.

The cover of the upcoming previews is shown above. Use the next button or the page numbers to navigate the spoiler images below.

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6 thoughts on “Did Marvel Spoil The Identity of The Masked Raider”

  1. This preview is also on previews website. Marker raider begins to emulate daredevils powers, then realizes that’s who it is when he thinks to himself “just who I was looking for”
    Or something like that.

  2. Spoilers ahead – There was a visual clue to who the Masked raider is at the end of marvel comics #1000, there is a small case shown containing a pair of revolvers and a domino mask. This case has been seen before, drawn by the same artist (Steve Epting) at the end of the Marvels Projects limited series back in 2012 (I think). It contained the guns and mask of the Two Gun Kid, that had been passed onto the original Angel (Tmas Halloway). This case was then passed onto the Angels grandson, Jason Halloway by Captain America. Now as both the original Angel and the original Masked raider both 1st appeared in Marvel Comics #1, it makes a nice touch for the new Masked Raider to be connected that way.

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