Image Comics NYCC Variants for NYCC 2019

Image released their exclusives for NYCC 2019 in which the highlight books are Undiscovered Country #1 and Spawn #300 which has a Gold and Silver Foil variant.

First up is the Undiscovered Country #1, which is a BW version of the main cover. Several listings already putting this exclusive at the $30 and $40 mark to kick things off.

Next up is the Spawn #300 Gold Foil Variant which requires one to buy a Bum Bumz figure, so the set is $50. These are limited to 500 to my knowledge and are limited to 2 per customer. None have hit eBay yet but it’s one to watch, could be the overall winner out of Image this year.

Then you can settle for the Silver Foil Variant, which is limited to 2 per customer and $25 each.

The last comic exclusive is the Unearth #1 Variant. Great new book, everyone should be reading this one. The press release claims it’s available on Saturday during the 11am signing. So I’m not sure if that means it’s only available during that time or not. I’ll update if and when I find out more.

They have more in store for the convention but I’m sticking to the comic exclusives for now.

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