NYCC 2019 Marvel Ghost Rider #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Giveaway

It’s NYCC 2019 and I’m in the giving away mood, cause all you people I know love getting a chance at winning a free book.

So all you have to do is comment in this article, on the website to have a chance to win a Ghost Rider #1 NYCC 2019 Glow-In-The-Dark Exclusive variant.


  1. One entry per person.
  2. Winner if international agrees to pay international shipping costs unless waived, if waived we randomly draw next winner.
  3. Winner has 24 hours to claim their prize after drawing, or we pick a new winner.
  4. We will do a random draw 1 week from today for the winner.
  5. We would like to ask that if you went to the convention to refrain from entering, this one is really for all those that couldn’t make it.

Good luck!

171 thoughts on “NYCC 2019 Marvel Ghost Rider #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Giveaway”

    1. This is such a great homage to Ghost Rider 15, volume 2! I still have the first print black background and the second print gold background. This would look right at home displayed with them.

  1. There are SO many covers for this book, hard to keep them all straight. Gotta say though, this one is probably the sickest!!

  2. This would pair up nicely with the glow in the dark cover from the 90s. Was it issue 13 or 15? Looks l need to dig through my boxes and find out.

  3. I was not able to go this year. Living in Mississippi it’s hard to go to new York and San Diego comic cons. Pick me.

  4. I still have my ghost rider #14 1st and gold ink 2nd print glow in the dark cover.

    Winning this issue will go nicely with the original 2 issues!


  5. That book wants to move to Colorado. It can stay with me. It goes without saying ( but I am going to say it anyway) Hope you guys are having a great time in NY.

  6. great giveaway. Reminds me of ghost rider #14. That was hot back in the day and there was a second print. It took me awhile as a kid to find both of them before the internet.

  7. Awesome cover! Hopefully we get an AWESOME Ghost Rider film sooner rather than later. Keep up the GREAT work and enjoy NYCC!!!

    1. You can say that again! Especially this one! glow in the dark Ghost Rider! Should be sick! Makes me think back to the old glow in the dark issue back in the day!

  8. The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax and cabbages and kings. 🙂

  9. Ghost Rider is the character that got me started on reading and collecting comics. I’m still collecting 30yrs later. I have both black & gold Ghost Rider #15 and shirts of vengeance#12. Would be awesome to have this one too. Thank you

  10. I need this to go with my Ghost Rider Glow in teh Dark cover from the 90’s. This will make an awesome set for me!!! Ready to bring this home!!

  11. Oh man, that is the single most 90s thing ever. I absolutely love that they did a glow in the dark cover for a book starting Danny Ketch!

  12. Thanks for being so generous! Glow in the dark comics are always cool, and one for Ghost Rider! Can’t beat it!

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