5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Powers of X #6 The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning”

    1. I would have to go back and look but I think we have seen him in POX before. But I have to go back. Problem is I read the early releases early and the new books when they come out so it can get confusing.

  1. None are new characters. The librarian was in POX 1 i think. Its part of the future time line. This issue explains why Moira decided to go a different route then she had been. it makes it look like the next few lives were test runs to find out how to keep mutants alive. I found it very intresting and honestly im looking forward to the rebooted X-men now. Though i do want to buy the HArdcover coming out in December just so i can read it as it was intended and in order.

    1. I came away with the feeling the last half of these two series just tanked the reboot. The #6’s in particular did nothing of note other than setting up party island with disposable X-Men that can be replaced with 48 hours notice. The X-Men’s bread and butter has always been the fight against oppression and the Star Trek feeling of bringing together different races for the betterment of all. Now we have what feels like fascism which is pretty much the opposite of everything X has ever been and feels a bit distasteful with an aftertaste of offensive. It’s the X-Way or Get-Out-Of-The Way!!!! I doubt Dawn of X can offer anything at this point I’d even want or care about since there can be no lasting consequences to anything that happens within since the Pod-Men can be replaced by the next issue no questions asked. Marvel’s about due for a hard restart.

      1. Maybe. But i think the whole idea was that in all 9 lifes that moira had, the mutants always lose. In all 9 of those charles was “the good guy”. Now he has to play hard ball. I like that idea. I think it adds more depth to his character and gives us a broader look at the X universe … after all , marvel now has nine chances to tell this story 😁

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