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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 258th edition of the open forum!

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

21 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. House of X #6 has 40 pages and costs $4.99
    Powers of X #6 has 48 pages and costs $5.99

    But those extra 8 pages in POX 6 ? Nothing but ads and Krakoan language. NO STORY !!!

    WHAT A RIPOFF !!!!!!!!

    1. Honestly, the whole series was a ripoff. Two titles double shipping twice a month was way, way too much. That’s why the back issues went up; nobody preordered it. I firmly believe it should’ve been one 12 issue series shipping biweekly, and that’s it. Build momentum.

  2. Picked up:
    Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 1 in a $1 bin

    Maybe picking up:
    Secrets of Sinister House 1, but the buy-in cost is high

    Secrets of Sinister House V1 #6 is the first appearance of Eve from Sandman with a Cain & Abel appearance.

    I’ve been slowly adding my collection to CLZ since the other database i was using has been discontinued. I need to determine how I will be removing books from the database as I sell them since I never really kept track of that before.

    Big movie week for me:
    I saw director Roger Corman (93!) and Vincent Price’s daughter at a Lovecraft Film Festival for a screening of The Haunted Palace. My first experience with Roger Corman was his Star Wars rip-off, Battle Beyond the Stars.
    I saw Memory: The Origins of Alien, a documentary on the movie Alien on its 40th anniversary.
    Last night, I saw a kung fu movie called Seven Brothers Meet Dracula, starring Peter Cushing of Star Wars fame. I learned that Chinese vampires like to hop around like bunnies. There was a trailer for another kung fu movie where the tagline was: Take your Momma to see this movie… before someone else does!

    1. What database were you using? I keep track of my books in comic book realm but am horrible about adding them. We were looking at moving. We have our house for sale and put in an offer on another house. I was going to bring all the books from my house and from storage together and merge them all. Enter them all. And our offer (over asking price at that) was declined for another offer so it’s all up in the air at the moment.

      1. I used to use the CBSI database because it was free but no one maintains it anymore and it has been archived. At the time, it was useful because it was tied to a marketplace to sell books you added to the database. I always wanted to try CLZ and jumped on the bandwagon just before it became a paid subscription. I didn’t use CLZ in the past because it required a hand scanner but with new technology, you just use your phone camera to scan barcodes. Unfortunately, most of my books either don’t have a barcode or the barcode is on the back cover blocked by a board.

        1. I need to dig a bit deeper into CLZ features and figure out the best way to handle signed books and multiple copies of books.

          1. I have used CLZ for 2-3 years. They have really steppes up their game in the last few months. Tons of new features to help with rare, custom, signed, graded books.

  3. I thought the entire series was a great read. When the hardcover comes out I will be getting it so I can read it again. As for the extra $1 for more adds? I have to agree with you Jackson, it’s a complete rip off.

  4. Very light week for pick ups…..Darth Vader Target #4.

    That was it.

    Great week for finds though as I had a chance to travel out of town and found the following at a very small flee market type store with about 10-15 boxes of $1-$3 books:

    Dirty Pair Run From the Future #1 (Adam Hughes cover) for $3! Couldn’t believe the luck! In NM and this book can sell up to $150-$200.

    Amazing Spiderman #492 (2 copies) and #493-J Scott Campbell covers for $3 each

    Was also able to find Cherry Poptart #1 (2nd print) and #2 (1st print) for $3 each also. I don’t adult comic books, but from what I can find online, these can sometimes get money. Anyone have experience trying to sell this material without running afoul Ebay rules?

    Doctor Strange #381 (4 copies) @$382 for $2 each.

    PC pickups from this week:
    Sensational She-Hulk (1980 series with John Byrne) #34 (Vanity Homage) #39, #59
    Marvel Premiere #47 in NM
    Batman: Man Who Laughes (Brubaker one shot) 1st print-very tough to find out in the wild

    Good hunting everyone!

  5. Dont fall for the hype on Hellmouth. Seems like there are sites pushing this as a must have comic and citing $$$$ on ebay when it isnt the case. Remeber to always do your research when it comes to your hard earned money.


    Apparently we can get a Platinum Flight Ring for every 100 comics ordered? That puts the cost at North of $200 plus shipping depending on discount level.

    What do you think this thing is actually going to end up selling for? I’m expecting the regular rings to go for about a buck each based on the price of the 50 packs we can order separate from the comics.

    The comics will be returnable later so minus the return shipping expense this could be a decent one to park some money with Diamond for a few months on to get extra rings.

    I’m hardly seeing any interest so far for Millennium so I’m not expecting to get swamped for the new Legion book by demand.

  7. General question.
    When the New POD Mutants go to space and Sunspot ends up ruling the Shiar Empire with the Imperial Guard under his control, when they get killed do they have to go back to Earth to get a New New POD Mutant hatched or can they just phone in the request and have it delivered? The original PrePoD Cannonball used to date a long range teleporter/ musician so there are some interesting options they could explore.

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