Variants of the Week: 10/09/2019

Sixteen books this week, one of them had sold out and looks promising as far as near term liquidity, but the rest are dealers choices. Six are by known home-run hitting cover artist. At least are character storyline driven. The rest are covers that I just want for the collection.

Spawn #301 Cover F Variant Jerome Opena Cover

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #3 Cover C Incentive Kim Jacinto Codex Variant Cover


14 thoughts on “Variants of the Week: 10/09/2019”

  1. the white fox #1 has 3 1st apps if im not mistaken, the future avengers from the anime, good luck finding the 1:100 been looking all week after midtown soldout instantly
    Aki Kanada as Makoto
    Atsushi Tamaru as Akiyadi
    Juri Kimura as Chloe

    1. The guy who is stuck with 400 copies of cover A is not feeling so lucky, I would imagine. Those 400 copies he needed to order to qualify for 4 1:100 would have cost him nearly $1000, if not more. How much did you pay for your 4 copies, Richard? Im curious.

      1. Exactly. Why any retailer would order this in the first place is beyond stupid. IF I ordered any cover As to get the 1:100, there’s no way in hell I’d charge anything less than $200 for the 1:100. Nobody is going to be buying cover A’s. The book doesnt have a wide appeal. It’s for a small niche market.

        1. i dont know, with the 3 1st apps in book and likely low print run for a marvel book, once news about 1st apps gets out cover A might start selling out. even the guy who does that bad bolo list didnt realize it has 1st apps

          1. Why do you keep saying 1st appearances, like thats a selling point ? There are TONS of 1st appearances that fall flat. Spec is now all watered down with everyone pumping “1st appearance here” and 1″st appearance there” in newly released books. These characters dont matter. Nothing is going to happen with them.

            1. They are first appearances of popular characters in a Japanese anime series about the Avengers. As Marvel is making a push into Asia with their new characters, it would be foolish to sleep on these characters as just a few random “1st apps”. Remember how hot New Agents of Atlas 1 variants were for a bit? That’s why these shouldn’t be slept on.

              1. and disney is pushing into Asian markets, those not buying up cheap 1st apps of Asian characters are near sighted fools

                1. People can’t see the future of Marvels Plam to tp into the Asian Market. Last I heard.. the population is over a billion people. lol

                2. I wouldnt bank on the huge population of China rushing out to buy comics….

                  “Around 500 million people, or 40 percent of the population within China, survive on $5.50 per day or less.”

                3. there’s a copy on Ebay for $426…..better buy it fast !! So many 1st appearances !!! lmao

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