Shriek Is Added to Villain Roster for ‘Venom 2’ Sequel

Get those first appearance books ready! Yeah I know, there was like a billion of them likely printed in the early 90s from the Maximum Carnage story line and it’s a villain but could see an uptick in sales and value potentially. is reporting that Shriek is being added to the Venom sequel along with Carnage, who we saw briefly at the end as Cletus Kasaday, which was an obvious clue that Carnage will make his debut.

Shriek made her first appearance way back in Spider-Man Unlimited #1.

Shriek now in the latest Absolute Carnage story line has turned into the Demogoblin in Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1.

8 thoughts on “Shriek Is Added to Villain Roster for ‘Venom 2’ Sequel”

  1. Can’t see this as becoming a huge key or anything unless Sony is going to use her in other movies but still, it should see an uptick. I will be keeping the UPC/newsstand version for the pc and selling the rest.

    1. Definitely going to die in this film, but should heat up before. Already heating up a little now

  2. Cool that you are giving one of these issues away (on another thread) I won’t enter because I have multiples but hope someone who doesn’t have one gets it!

  3. shrek needs cost play love.and maxunim carnage has been hearing upf or at least two years now.sets have always done well I now get $100 plus for the set .and there is a oop trade as well love you guys blind adam out

  4. Well, I sold the few that I could find. Outside of a set (direct and Newsstand) that I will keep for myself I know I have one more in a box it shouldn’t be in. Not a huge amount of profit overall but still tippled my money. No complaints. Just glad I got rid of most of my extras before the price goes down a bit…as they usually do after the initial heat. I’ll save that last extra copy for right when the tailor with her in it hits.

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