Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for 10/21/2019

This weeks FOC pick is not only picked for the cover art or if it’s going to heat up but because it’s a really awesome read as well.

BOOM! has been hitting them out the park lately with buzz for their books. They’re playing the speculative game by making these FOC variants.

So without further ado, this weeks pick is Folklords #1. But as I’ll be picking up the regular copies which are FOC this week as well, the actual FOC pick is the FOC variant that is by Mora.

Folklords #1 FOC Dan Mora Variant – Buy from Pymccomics.com

Pymccomics is the only online retailer that seems to have this cover listed for sale currently unless you want to buy from the few listed on eBay. Some of these FOC variants never make it as a pre-order item from the bigger retailers until release week since they’re not available for pre-order until FOC week.

I’ve read this first issue with an advanced preview and I think this title could be a hit. Being a Matt Kindt fan as he rarely disappoints with his story telling just gives this one that extra edge I think as well.

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