The Marked and Sonata have Television Deals “Set”

Brian Haberline took to facebook to announce two of the books he has worked on, The Marked, out this week from Image Comics and Sonata, also from Image Comics have been picked up for TV deals.

Though vague on the details, Haberline has said that a TV deal has been set. He just cannot say where yet.

Copies of The Marked #1 at TFAW and Mycomicshop for cover price at. The B cover is still available through Diamond. Sonata #1 is available for cover price at The Marked #1 Secret Variant, which was a one per store variant, may be harder to pick up.

One thought on “The Marked and Sonata have Television Deals “Set””

  1. Sonata has been a fantastic read thus far. Think the premise of The Marked may be outta my 40 year old self’s demographic though.

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