Things I Like and Don’t Like for October 23rd, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of October 23rd, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.


So what’s grinding my gears this week?


Superman Revealing Identity

It’s going to happen in Superman #18 according to Bendis. Superman will reveal his secret identity to the world as Clark Kent.

This is just stupid if you ask me. It’s just so silly and irrelevant. It’s getting people to talk about it in the media to get people to likely go buy a book nobody gives a damn about. Yeah, I said it..   nobody cares about Superman in the comic books. Most of DC’s mainstream heroes are just boring to me.

Superman #18
Leave it to Bendis to regurgitate his stories from Marvel in DC. Not long ago he outed Daredevil as well. He also claims he doesn’t do “fakeout stories”..  despite everything he does could be undone by the next writer.

These type of stories are bland, boring and just tell me they’re out of ideas of just writing kick ass super hero stories.

If you do buy into this story line, buy your single copy and leave it at that. I’d rather have real kick ass stories. When I first got back into comics, around that time Superman Unchained was hitting store shelves and with Snyder writing, I was like, this is great stuff. I need more Superman Unchained to keep me tuned in. The story was great, the art was awesome…  then it ended too quickly.

The Last God Gets Overshipped

Last God #1DC has faith with it’s latest Black Label book, so much that they’re overshipping by 50%. That’s right, if your shop ordered 20 copies, they’ll get 30 copies and those 10 copies are on the house (well, shops will have to still pay the weight in freight weight).

I must say, it’s a great read and I’m really looking forward to this series. I honestly can’t blame DC for shipping extras. Extras likely mean more readers which in turn creates more buyers to come back for more.

But what about the spec you ask? This actually goes in favor of the whole speculative market along with a healthy industry across the board. If we get more books like this that generate buzz due to great stories and great art, it can bring more back who might not be buying.

So buy this book because it’s a great read. Don’t buy it thinking you’re going to flip it. Yes, I understand some of you just flip books but every once in a while you can maybe perhaps read a book instead of just hoping it makes you a few extra bucks.

That’s all I’m liking and disliking this week. Tell us what you’re liking or not liking here or on the forums.

9 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for October 23rd, 2019”

    1. What’s GOML? I’ve always liked his writing. You didn’t like Alias? Granted I haven’t read everything but what I have read has been good to brilliant. Not on the level of Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison but not horrible. Just my two cents.

  1. Bendis is a joke. Revealing Superman’s identity will be the worst thing he can ever do. It’s just like saying let’s reveal Batman’s identity. Such a stupid decision from DC to let Bendis do this. I’m a huge Superman fan, but like Poyo said, there hasn’t been a good Superman story.

  2. I have hated superman since bendis took it over.just sucks worse then a hooker in times square bad the food my dog eats is better then the b.s. bendis is doing at dc comics?his indy stuff is #awesomesauce powers,jinx,fortune&glory is amazing his earily marvel alias,daredevil&even avengers disambeled but his d.c. stuff sucks and it reall sycks hard and fast #testify blind adam out

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