Bloodshot Trailer Drops Online

The trailer for Bloodshot, the Sony Pictures movie based on the Valiant comic dropped online early this morning. Check it out below and give us your reactions in the comments.

25 thoughts on “Bloodshot Trailer Drops Online”

    1. I could see a lot of non comic collectors or speculators jumping on this movie but I don’t think it’s going to cause a big rush for those to seek out his first appearances and such. Certainly their first mistake was casting Vin Diesel.. I don’t understand why he’s in so many movies.. he can’t act.

  1. I am not sure why people don’t like this, I thought it looked pretty good. I like Guy Pierce as a baddy, he was great in Iron man.

      1. Like I said.. looks great, except Vin Diesel. That’s the reason I won’t go see in movie. I’ll save my dollars and like you, probably get a free Redbox rental to watch it.

    1. I wait for most things on Redbox as I get so many free rentals and discount codes. I am cheap that way. Also buy a lot on Black Friday and resell after pulling the digital code out

  2. Im not into Valiant or Bloodshot, but I thought that trailer was pretty good. I do not think i have ever seen a movie with Vin Diesel in it, but I thought he makes a pretty decent Bloodshot. His voice plays the part at least.

  3. Never read Bloodshot so I don’t know the backstory. The trailer looks alright and interesting but I get the feeling it will be, like someone up there said, Assassin’s Creed.
    I won’t go to the theatre for this. Will just catch it later.

  4. Got to say it is looking better than I thought. I doubt Bloodshot will become super huge because of this movie but it will start getting more attention than it ever has just due to the fact there will be a movie out with plenty of commercials, merchandising and media attention (for a time). I would expect a slight to moderate spike in prices of Bloodshot keys from here on out until right after the film is released. Maybe a downturn afterward depending on how the movie is received.

    I know Diesel isn’t a favorite of everyone but he does have commercial success. Not “the Rock” amount of success but he does fill seats. Also, Diesel is a big geek, especially with video games. I like that about him. Regardless, in my opinion, either now or a couple of weeks before this film is released will be a good time to unload those Bloodshot keys.

  5. not sure abou this.could be a fun ride.going to sell the crap out of my bloodshot books now take care blind adam out

  6. Looking forward to the first ever Valiant movie. Will it be perfect? No. But at least I get to see some of my childhood faves on the big screen. The plot looks solid imo. Vin will be fine in the role. Effects will be cheesy. Guy Pierce is an asset to any script.

  7. Can’t wait!! So refreshing to see something different than the same Marvel movie over and over and over again…seriously…Marvel made one really good movie so far and that was the first Guardians…everything else is the same cookie cutter production beaten to death…

    Vin looks great as Bloodshot and this book had been one of Valiant’s best. Moreover, Valiant produces the best Superhero stories out there by far…the Big Two bore me…save for Hickman’s X-Men right now and Morrison’s Green Lantern…

    Looking forward to this one

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