Poyo’s Spec and Drek for October 23rd, 2019

Welcome once again to my spec and my drek. I pick what I think will be winners, not only if you make money by flipping but winners as in either a great read or just awesome art.

Then there’s the pesky drek, the comic you should avoid altogether or not fall into the buying every variant trap.

DC Picks

Batman Beyond #37 brings forth a new Batwoman.

Already selling out at some online retailers, could see some slight heat but I think it’s more of the grab 1 or 2 and stash them for the long term gamble.

Batman Beyond #38It’s nice knowing this isn’t a one and done though. This new gal is on the covers of the next few issues as well.

Batman Beyond #39 (Manapul Variant)Issue #38 shows her standing behind the old Bruce Wayne but I’m really digging the issue #39 variant B by Manapul.

Grab’em if your a Batman Beyond fan. If they heat up, great. Either way some cool looking covers, hopefully the story is cool as I’ll admit, I have not been reading this series.

Swamp Thing Giant #1The honorable mention for DC this week goes to the Swamp Thing Giant #1.

Yes it reprints some classic stories but it’s also got 24 pages (25% of the book) with brand new stories.

But honestly, $4.99 for a 100 pages is not a bad deal. 100 pages is almost 4 books in 1, so you’re paying $1.25 per book.

It’s a must pickup for any Swamp Thing fan.

Marvel Picks

I’m looking forward to this first pick but it’s still a book that will be on probation with the first few issues. This one could lead up to a great story and possibly new characters. I’m not picking up all the new X-Men spin-offs besides the main titles that Hickman is heading up but this is one of the few.

Marauders #1

THE X-MEN SAIL AT DAWN! Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts.

Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared! Rated T+

The other pick goes to King Thor. Issue #2 hits stands (and is a must pickup for me) but the pick goes to the new 2nd printing which just has a really cool alternate cover. I love Ribic’s artwork. His interiors could make awesome exteriors.

King Thor #1 (of 4) (2nd Printing)

SUPERSTARS JASON AARON & ESAD RIBIC CONCLUDE THEIR EPIC THOR STORY! The creators of the legendary THOR: GOD OF THUNDER series that kicked off one of the most epic runs in Marvel history are back together for one last ride with the almighty Lord of Asgard! Seven years ago, Jason and Esad introduced the Thor of the far future, All-Father of a broken realm and a dying universe, as he stood in battle against the Butcher of Gods, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Now that nefarious blade has returned, in the hands of Thor’s all-time greatest enemy – his brother, Loki – for one final, cataclysmic showdown. Behold the book no comics fan should miss – the celebration of the end of a truly Marvelous era. Rated T+

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Beyond the Demon The Sea One Shot looks like a great book not only with the story but the artwork.

This horrific love story is unlike any comic you’ve read! Follow one man’s story of his tragic journey across the sea, told through a gorgeous sequence of artwork hand painted in the style of classic nautical tattoos.”

There’s a variant on eBay that I hadn’t seen from any retailers as well.

This next pick might not be for everyone (maybe Blind Adam) but depending on the interiors, might be a entertaining read.

Money Shot #1

In the near future, space travel is ludicrously expensive and largely ignored. Enter Christine Ocampos, inventor of the Star Shot teleportation device. Her big idea: She’ll travel to new worlds, engage-intimately-with local aliens, and film her exploits for a jaded earth populace trying to find something new on the internet.

Now, Chris and her merry band of scientist-cum-pornstars explore the universe, each other, and the complexities of sex in MONEY SHOT! A story about scientists having sex with aliens for the glory of mankind-and money.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

The Amazing Mary Jane. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I don’t really find her that interesting as Parkers girlfriend, why would I pay money to read about her in her own series? She’s not a hero, she’s nothing but his girlfriend that either is breaking up with him or getting him into more trouble.

6 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for October 23rd, 2019”

  1. Been a while since a Batman Beyond book was spec of the week for DC. I’ve been collecting the B covers for some time now…been some nice ones… but this Month is definitely a Cover A month.

    Couldn’t agree more with Mary Jane…who cares?

  2. I’m in love with Mary Jane
    She’s my main thing
    She makes me feel all right
    She makes my heart sing

    only Rick James loves Mary Jane!!!

  3. What, no Marvel Action Spider-Man #10? Possible sleeper hit. 1:10 variant is a ghost, already getting $50 on the bay.


    1. I didn’t even see this cover until you pointed it out. Nobody spec’s on these in the past. It’s FOMO cause nobody orders 10 copies of these books.. 😉

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