CHU Giveaway – Ghost Rider Blank Sketch Variant w/ Actual Sketch

Ultimate Ghost Rider giveaway. You can win a copy of Ghost Rider #1 Black Blank variant that I got in NYCC with a sketch by Aaron Kuder along with Ed Brisson’s autograph as well.

So what do you need to do to win? You know how it goes, you need to go make a comment on the forums. You can comment with just your name if you want but if you tell us why you think you should win, perhaps being the biggest Ghost Rider fan out there, we’ll put your name down twice to increase your chances at winning.

So what’s the actual prize again? It’s this bad boy..

You can watch the recording of Kuder sketching this one and the others I got (best COA ever right?):

The stink’in rules…

  1. One entry per person, must be done on the forums. So comments here or on social media (Facebook, Twitter) do not count.
  2. If you comment with why you think you should win (like you’re the biggest Ghost Rider fan or post some pics of your best Ghost Rider comics, toys or other swag), then your name will be entered twice to increase your chances at winning.
  3. Winner will be drawn in 4  days, so on Wednesday early evening we’ll pick a winner.
  4. Winner if international agrees to chip in for international shipping, if waived, we’ll pick another winner.
  5. If you are not a member of the forums, you need to sign up which currently still requires approval and valid email. So be patient, we’ll get to you if you’re a first time user just getting started.

Good luck…