Spoilers: Powers of X #3

Powers of X #3 continues Jonathan Hickman’s rewrite and reboot of the X-Men. I think some were skeptical but this and House of X have surprised readers, selling out and getting multiple printings.

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Spoilers: Marvel Comics Presents #8

Marvel Comics Presents #8 continues the story line with Wolverine’s new daughter and Rien helps Logan get there, he’s looking for a demon but she finds someone else!

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Spoilers: Ghost-Spider #1

Ghost-Spider #1 has some interesting things going on with Spider-Gwen, Ghost-Spider’s suit with a possible future surprise for an old villain.

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MARVELous Monday

This weeks MARVELous Monday is a bit different. Usually I window shop the Marvel Unlimited app to pick and choose sort of at random the books I cover based on just the cover art that catches my attention.

This week I actually am going with the book I found at Half Price Books for just a buck. It’s just a shame it wasn’t truly half price from it’s original 30 cents cover price.

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Collecting Carol Danvers Pt. 2

Last summer, I wrote a Carol Danvers keys check list. I have continued to monitor many of these books and it seems after April 15, 2018. a majority of the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel books have seemed to spiked. We all knew it was going to happen. This is a quick follow up to what has happened since then.  Continue reading “Collecting Carol Danvers Pt. 2”

Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up

Louie M. covers West Coast conventions for www.comicsheatingup.net
What up CHU!! Ace Comic Con took place in Glendale, AZ on January 13-15.  It’s important to set the bar right when judging ACC, this is their first year of existence and their second show ever. Given that, the guest list is bonkers for a new con: Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Jon Bernthal, Hayley Atwell, Hulk Hogan, and many more from the cast of Captain America and Spider-man. Continue reading “Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up”

Marvel’s Infinity #1 sells out at distributor level

Marvel was very proud to announce that Infinity #1 sold out at the distributor level. Selling out through Diamond Comics does not mean you will not be able to get this book in your local comic shop, but when there stock is gone, it’s gone.

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