September 2019 Review – Part II

With these reviews, we find out how right or how wrong we were, what we missed and what you can likely still find at cover price, likely at the local comic shop or at online retailers.

Let’s review the top ten books again before diving into the remaining weeks of September. Image takes the top spot for the Month of September with it’s Spawn #300 while Marvel dominated most of the remaining top ten books with Hickman’s X-Men reboot series House of X and Powers of X titles.

  1. Spawn #300 – 262,599
  2. Spider-Man #1 – 156,369
  3. House of X #5 – 139,306
  4. Powers of X #5 – 137,550
  5. Powers of X #4 – 127,076
  6. House of X #4 – 119,366
  7. Doomsday Clock #11 – 115,817
  8. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1 – 110,326
  9. Absolute Carnage #3 – 95,543
  10. DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1 – 90,017

September certainly seems like it was the month of additional printings and or the variant books that took off. I hope most of you all realize that the highlight books are the books that are either found to be sold out online or at your local retailer shops. If a book isn’t mentioned, it’s likely because you can find it for cover price at retailers or it’s doing absolutely nothing on the secondary market.

September 18th, 2019 Books

Absolute Carnage #3 Pepe Larraz Young Guns Variant quickly sold out once the cover was revealed along with the Venom Hulk making an appearance within the issue.

This started off as a solid $15 book to kick off the secondary market and it’s holding steady. Most sales are now bouncing around anywhere from $6 as the lowest value with still a few hitting the $15 mark (some are higher but offer free shipping that throws the value back around the $15 mark).

This one still has a few things going for it though if this character ever reappears. First appearance of character with first cover along with it.

Dead Man Logan #11 flew under most people’s radars as it’s the first of Danielle Cage becoming the new Lady Thor.

This one started to heat up after the recent Dead Man Logan #12 hit shelves and Danielle Cage took on the role as the new Lady Thor.

It’s also noteworthy that she’s been Captain America as well. In Avengers Ultron Forever #1 she was the female Captain America and it’s also her first appearance, which takes place in the future.

This is one of those books that gives me the vibe it won’t last long. Sell now I say, don’t think it’ll stick around for her being worthy.

Once & Future #1 5th Printing. Not this title again..

It started out around the $20 mark but has settled for the double cover on average. Don’t pay more than $10 for this book if you find it and need it to complete your additional printings collection for this series.

September 25th, 2019 Books

Batman Beyond #36 isn’t necessarily blowing up but it does happen to have a brief cameo appearance of the new Batwoman. Might not be a bad pickup and hold if you can find them out in the wild, particularly if it ends up being a new character and not existing one that ends up donning the suit.

Captain Marvel #8 3rd Printing started selling well after news hit that Star is getting her own title this January.

This one is a bit harder to find than the 2nd printing and carries an all red cover.

It’s currently a solid $8 to $10 book on average. If you find a copy, I say hold onto them. If you get multiple, sell now, make your money that covers the costs of the books and then gamble some. Worst case you end up even.

Ghost-Spider #2 Peach Momoko Variant was a ratio variant that saw some love on the secondary market.

Currently still a $50 book on a good day with recent sales. If you can find for $25 or less, it’s a good pickup.

The Plot #1 had several covers and all seem to be about double cover on the secondary market. If you find’em, grab a copy or two if available. Sell one, hold one. That’s how it works right? Either make profit or get your books for free if you can.

That concludes the remaining weeks of September 2019. Pretty quiet month, with a few winners and worthy books to mention, seems most books you can still find at cover online, at your local shop or even the secondary market.

24 thoughts on “September 2019 Review – Part II”

  1. I don’t think Batman Beyond 36 is a cameo of Batwoman Beyond. A character whose face is not revealed “breaks into” the bat cave and steals a costume….(see spoilers from 9/25)

    he/she carries it out (over their shoulder/back) and does not actually wear it.

    Rumors are floating around that this character may be Dick Grayson’s daughter. The other potentials were named at the end of issue 37.

    Either way, I don’t think issue 36 is a first of any kind as the “thief” has likely already appeared in a prior issue, and the character did not actually wear the bat suit until issue 37.

    That is why issue 36 hasn’t been moved the needle and likely will not anytime soon. If anything, Batman Beyond 25 is the book to chase right now (look for it to start showing up on top 10 lists this week – all my shops were cleaned out already).

      1. You missed Drogs point, AP. The faceless thief in #36 has most likely already appeared in a previous issue, thus, #36, w/ the faceless thief would not be the 1st appearance of said faceless thief. An appearance? Yes. But not the 1st appearance.

        1. That’s why I clarified what I said. It’s a cameo if it ends up being an entirely new character that hasn’t had a first appearance already. This isn’t stopping people from listing Batman Beyond #36 as a cameo already though..

          1. If you read my wording in the article though.. “Batman Beyond #36 isn’t necessarily blowing up but it does happen to have a brief cameo appearance of the new Batwoman. Might not be a bad pickup and hold if you can find them out in the wild, particularly if it ends up being a new character and not existing one that ends up donning the suit.”

            It still stands as stated.. actually when I really think about it, even if this character exists already and has a prior appearance, it’s still a cameo appearance which is and can be defined as “a brief appearance or voice part of a well known person in a work”… So known, unknown.. Batman Beyond is a cameo appearance. If it’s an existing appearance, it now makes the unknown now known after the identity is revealed.

            1. It’s technically not Batwoman if she’s not wearing the costume. That was really my point. So it’s just a cameo of an in costumes character which highly likely (buy not yet confirmed) has already made an appearance prior.

              1. Cameo of the person who becomes Batwoman potentially.. 😉

                Batwoman is just the name of the person when they’re hiding their true identity.. still the same person, mask or no mask, suit or no suit. Still a cameo, even if they’ve appeared prior to this issue or not. I’ll use it in a sentence for clarification.. “I really love it when Stan Lee makes his cameo appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies!”

                Bruce Wayne is Batman without the suit. When people think Bruce Wayne, they think of Batman. Same goes for Clark Kent, or Princess Diana and their superhero titles.. so whoever it is that likely is now Batwoman, it’s a cameo appearance. Nuff said… 😉

      1. Buy low, sell high. I think I grabbed the last one at cover price on the internet yesterday…price jumped to $10 and I couldn’t add a second copy…

        It was the B cover too…which should pretty scarce as the A cover was the foil (which every shop ordered) and total print run was 24k.

        But yes, no one should be paying double cover for these on pure rumor, much less 5x cover.

    1. And I’ll clarify, Batman Beyond #36 only becomes a cameo if it ends up being an entirely new character that does not have a first appearance elsewhere. But I’m just posting what I’m seeing people list it as.. Batwoman Cameo Appearance. 😉

  2. What significance does the CM8 3rd print have ? its not a real 1st appearance as its a 3rd print and the 2nd print is 1st cover, so I don’t understand how a book with no real key attachment, is worth having, just for a low print run. I still can’t understand the collecting/spec world at the moment, frankly I’m quite baffled.

    1. The spec community is baffling me right now too. How can anyone be listing their Batman Beyond #25s? So, instead of waiting on the spec to actual come through, people are just assuming and pricing them based on something that hasn’t happened yet (with no guarantee that it will ever happen). So weird, and baffling, and backwards, imo. The book is supposed to gain heat based on events that have happened in the stories. Its not supposed to gain heat if it ‘might’ be relevant to the stories. Backwards land.

        1. Not to mention it’s Batwoman Beyond…this rumored first appearance is going for more than Kate Kain’s first in 52 week 7…and she’s an established hero with a TV show!

          Like moths to a 🔥

            1. Same here. And I think 90% of the time the market will agree (all other things like scarcity being equal…which rarely they are).

              A good example and very parallel to this topic is 52 series weeks 7 (first Kate Kane), 9 (first Kate as Batwoman cameo) and 11 (First full Kate Kane as Batwoman, and 1st cover).

              Week 11 beats them all by far.

              1. Most do seem to go for the first “hero” or “villain” appearance. Another good example is Eddie Brock and Venom.. Venom’s first even though it’s Eddie is more sought after or desirable than Eddie’s first.

                1. Then there’s Dylan. Which Venom 9 will likely be the key book as his transformation has been so anticipated and drawn out that likely it’ll be over produced…we’ll see…

  3. Kyle Rayner first appears on the last page of GL 48 (2004). He’s not even named. His first appearance as a Green Lantern is GL 50.

    In NM #48 is a $30 book. #50 maybe a 3rd of that? One of the anomalies out there.

    I found a 9.8 potential of issue 48 for $15 the other day. I knew it was hot because of rumors surrounding the HBO series. After flipping through and seeing how lame a first appearance it was (ALMOST as bad as Jason Todd in BM 357) I quickly flipped it for $30.

    I don’t like holding lame firsts like that. I would rather have first in costume. (Which is why I kept my Batman 366, and dumped issue 357, both being CGC 9.6).

    I Will look for issue 50 and maybe hold that.

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