Shannon Maer Covers Niobi She is Death

One book I have been happy to support through the years, we got in on the ground floor of this one (Thanks Mel V.) is Niobi. The new series, Niobi She is Death hit stands today. Our friends at Trinity Comics has a special cover beautifully done by Shannon Maer. Check it out below.

Here are the details directly from Trinity Comics

She is Death #1 Shannon Maer Trinity Comics Exclusive

Available in Trade Dress and Virgin. CGC SS and CBCS ASP.

Trade Dress (500 print)

Virgin Set (250 Print)

2 thoughts on “Shannon Maer Covers Niobi She is Death”

  1. I’ve had only a few selling regrets. Selling the Niobe Hoknes variant is one (~100 copies)
    I thought the story for #1 was unintelligle to say the least; which lead into my unloading the Hoknes variant.
    Perhaps I should give it another try with this new #1

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