22 thoughts on “Walmart Marvel Comic Three Pack Unboxing”

  1. How long before you can’t order a comic from diamond after it’s initial release?

    I’m assuming these are overstock items from diamond. You’re basically paying cover ($10 total) for the two surplus comics inside and they incentive you by throwing a new variant cover on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good marketing strategy. Hey also seem to be heavily made up of second printings.

    I’m curious if the filler can still be ordered from diamond. Can someone with a diamond account check to see if all these are still available? If these are still available it’s very unlikely you’ll find a venom first host #3 2nd print.

    1. Yeah. Bought a new house. We need more space as the boys get older. Our town house is way too small. Upgraded to a nice single family. It’s been a lot of work and between coordinating it all and fall baseball it has been a busy time.

  2. Thanks for the video! I was always curious about the books on the inside of these 3-packs. Just some general info: these books and the DC ones are stocked by a vendor not Walmart. The first time I bought some, I was surprised by the $9.99 price (there’s no price tag) so I went to customer service and pointed out that they said $3.99/$4.99 on the front covers. The supervisor told me they were vendor items, but went ahead and changed the prices. I haven’t bought any since then.

  3. Bought three Spider-Verse #1s. Here are the
    Comics they came with:

    X-Men Grand Design #2 (2nd Prt)
    Iron Heart #2 (2nd prt)
    Black Panther #10 (Legacy 188)
    Venom #8 (2018, 2nd per)
    Venom #8 (another copy)
    Shuri #2 (2nd prt)

  4. Hi, are these 3-pack only available in the U.S.? I am in Canada and checked my local Wal-Mart the other day (it’s one with a grocery store inside) and couldn’t find any.

    Thanks, in advance!

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