JTC Star Wars #73 Rancor Action Figure Variant – Almost Gone!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited about a JTC Star Wars action figure variant but this new one that went on pre-sale I was excited for.

And it’s almost sold out. So if you got the pre-sale email to order, now’s the time to order before their long gone.

I’ve done well selling these on the secondary market as well. Once collectors get them in their hands and tucked away, by waiting a few months these start to creep up in price at times, making your $20 investment into a $10 to $20 profit by flipping a book. I tend to buy 2, one to keep and one to flip and the one I flip usually pays for both books.

But as a Rancor fan (it was my favorite action figure out of Stars Wars back in the 80s to re-enact as a kid), this one was a must for me.

5 thoughts on “JTC Star Wars #73 Rancor Action Figure Variant – Almost Gone!”

  1. I wonder if JTC will continue these on the new series at any point? I was very disappointed to see Star Wars got the Marvel reboot treatment starting in Jan 2020. However, I didn’t see any JTC variants solicited for the new ongoing series. I picked up/ordered every action figure variant for 1-75 along with all the various mini’s and store exclusives. I’m missing the Luke B&W Con variant but I’m sort of secretly smiling because of the money I’ll now save each month buying less books. =)

    1. and THANK YOU Poyo for the reminder. I had the email from JTC but because he sent it roughly two weeks early I completely forgot. I would’ve totally missed this if you hadn’t posted the article.

  2. on faceboook .he said all he can say is hecann’t say anything .saw the info about this variant in my facebook feed yesterday and that is what he said in the post love you guys blind adam out

  3. I was like an uber-fan when these started, but the character selection, I felt, took a nose dive. And while I have bought some from his site, it wasn’t cool to release all the bounty hunters as in comic shop variants only to do Bossk last and as a site exclusive.

    As for this one…if you love the Rancor I guess it is cool, but it isn’t reflective of any actual packaging that came out, so I’d never have gotten this one either.

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