Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 105

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Winter is upon us. Winter sucks, cold and snow, what a team up. Disney+ is amazing. I loved Daredevil #13, Immortal Hulk #26, Batman #81, and Punisher #218 were my favorite reads this week. Now lets make money with comics cause you can’t teach that!

1. Spawn #185 2nd Print – Spawn has been reborn on the secondary market. All variants are hot, classic issues, especially newsstand covers, are spiking. This is the second print with a cover by Todd McFarlane himself the cheapest variant for this issue $15-30

2. Batman Beyond Unlimited #2Batwing #19 is on fire. Luke Fox is one of the best things on the CW’s Batwoman and the rumor is Luke Fox will be Batman soon. Just remember these two true firsts, first Just Imagine Stan Lee Created Batman #1 is the first black Batman $10 (early Jim Lee Batman art as well) and this book Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 , first Luke Fox and predates Batwing #19. Luke is getting a major push and all his appearances need to be picked up now $20

3. Wizard Magazine #1 SDCC Variant – I am surprised that Wizard Magazine, the pre-internet version of Comics Heating Up, is so undervalued, and this issue has a iconic Todd Father Spider-man cover. If you are sending in books for the CGC signing for Todd this is a worthy book to send in. This is the variant given out at the 1991 San Diego Comic Con. This brings back highs school memories. Great times with my friend Katie (RIP), great pizza, and a time when comics weren’t so mainstream $50-100

4. What The? #3 – I am preparing for the Todd-father’s CGC signing. So I researched his career. I am surprised on a few of his early work. After Epic Comics this is his work on the infamous issue which had a
Batman and Robin spoof to boot $5-10

5. Spitfire #4 – wow this book is hot garbage. Most of the series anyway. Dollar box or less most of the time, except for this issue is done by, you guessed it, Todd McFarlane. Just look for the high grades as I wonder what a signature series 9.8 would bring in. $1-10

Well that is it for this week. Going back to my buddy Mickey Mouse and his streaming application. Why did he put on the Muppets and not put on the Muppets take Manhattan?

Love you all
Blind adam out

26 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 105”

  1. Nothing came up on the line except the regular Wizard # 1. What? Were there even SDCC variants back then, let alone of magazines?

          1. Yes, it must be right? Despite us disclosing our eBay accounts.. but honestly, who peed in your Cheerios? Why the negativity, hostility and false claims? We already have a Alex Jones in the world and he focuses on politics, we don’t need one in the comic book world.

            Some wise words I learned way back in kindergarten.. If you got nothing nice to say, then don’t say it!

          2. So first you question the expertise claiming it doesn’t exist cause ya couldn’t find it yourself.. then when someone spends another minute or two to find one, you lay claim that it’s someone’s from CHU. Because yeah, that’s what we do. We list books we want to pump and dump but make it so hard to find, like a easter egg scavenger hunt on eBay.. cause that makes sense right? Sigh…

          3. Stains just has an axe to grind and no proper outlet for it. Sorry you’re kinda cranky, but no need to take it out on Adam. The book exists, there are multiples out there available, the main guys on the site disclose their eBay accounts. No evidence of any foul play here and no need for the accusations and vitriol. Play nice.

            1. Thanks Red. It’s true. All of our eBay accounts are listed on the site. Buy from us, don’t buy from us, but we have nothing to hide. Including this isn’t our book.

        1. There was one listed on eBay last night for cheaper. Some times when people see something they buy it. Agreed about the unneeded hate though. Some people just are never happy.

    1. Yeah, but I wouldn’t rush to this. Tatum has a very sketchy production record (see “Gambit”) and the company hasn’t even decided whether to pursue television or film yet.

  2. thanks for reading.thanks for the better buy?primer s#4-5or darker image #1?and can you stream the animated series?love you all blind adam out

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