Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 11/25/2019

This upcoming FOC has some great books coming out that made it a bit harder to choose from.

I didn’t let that stop me though and after staring at the list and books coming out, reading the solicitations and re-reading them, the FOC pick for me for November 25th, 2019 is Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy #1.

Skulldigger: From the World of Black Hammer #1There’s also a Deodato Jr. Variant that’s pretty bad ass too.

Skulldigger: From the World of Black Hammer #1 (Mike Deodato Jr. Variant Cover)The other thing that makes this new Lemire book from the World of Black Hammer out from Dark Horse is, it’s actually got a incentive variant. Retailers who order 10 or more can order the Lemire variant. At time of writing, most of the major online retailers didn’t have any up for pre-order, so could be an overlooked variant and a bit harder to find come release day.

Now with all these FOC books, there is one more I have to mention and that has to be the Star Wars #1 Bartel 1:50 Ratio Variant.

Just a great looking cover (particularly for you Leia fans) and as I’m not big on picking ratio variants, this one is an exception I think. If you get it cheap, even if you spend $50, I think this one could be potentially a double your money if you intend to flip.

3 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 11/25/2019”

  1. Hopefully there is not 100 variants to Star Wars #1 this time around…

    Will be keeping an eye out for the 1:10 skull digger variant at midtown he week before release. But i really like the deodato cover…kind of has a Batman and Robin/Dark Knight Returns feel…

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