Future Spec: Thor #1

Donny Cates is the king of digging into the past and pulling concepts for his current books. Thor #1 is coming out in a bit and pulls a concept from a book that might be worth looking at.

What If? Thor #1 will be a book of interest to some. The full issue preview of Cates’ upcoming Thor #1 was made available to retailers today on Diamond and in classic Donny Cates fashion, sees a concept that has been done in Marvel history before.

What If? Thor #1 sees Thor become the Herald of Galactis. This What If book was done by Robert Kirkman and Michael Avon Oeming. We have seen Thor What If books, as well as, books Cates has referenced in the past becoming spec hits. Most copies of What If? Thor #1 can be had on eBay for around $3. VF copies of the book are about $4 on Mycomicshop

8 thoughts on “Future Spec: Thor #1”

  1. Just got the Marvel Arcade1Up they $250 at Walmart if you can find em and $250 at Target Black Friday each Target got 6 units according to my manger friends at Target. A must for Marvel fans.

  2. When is Cates gonna do something original. I’m not a fan of these mish mash concepts he seems to constantly use. I wonder who he is gonna mash together for his Spidey run. Smh. Sigh.

  3. Thor 1 looks awesome, thanks for the heads up on potential spec on that ! I managed to get 5 copys from some shlub retailer who didnt know the difference ! Once other Spec sites and podcasts start talking this up i will offload them for a nice profit !

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