Weekend Wrap-Up

Here is what has been going on and being talked about in the comic book world this weekend. Your news summary.

Rumor has it that Disney+ is working on a Doctor Aphra TV show. Dr. Aphra and her killer droids first appeared in Star Wars Darth Vader #3 which has seen a lot of interest this week. CBR covered the story.


According to ComicBook.com, Stargirl is officially heading to the CW. Courtney Whitmore first appears in JSA All Stars #4 and first appears as Stargirl in Stares and S.T.R.I.P.E #0 (the go-to book.)

‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves has confirmed that John Turturro will play Carmine Falcone in the upcoming movie. Falcone first appears in the classic Frank Miller Batman #405



Channing Tatum is set to produce the in development Maxx film. Source. The Maxx first appears in Comico Primer #5 as Max the Hare before showing up in Darker Image #1 and The Maxx #1

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  1. Batman#405…I wonder if Falcone in the film is enough to drive the book up more. It’s already a $20 to $30 dollar book in un-graded high grade. I’m sure it will see a spike. I think the bigger news is Dr. Aphra possibly getting her own show.That could make the book (Darth Vader #3) huge!

    1. Darth Vader 3 would be huge. I think this would be the first time a comic created character took center stage in the filmed universe much less appearing on screen.

      1. I agree. If that did happen even though #3 had a fairly large print run I think it would still become scarce. The 1:25 would become a ghost. Dr. Aphra has a ton of potential.I hope Disney taps it.

        1. Not crazy about the 1:25 variant. Is that even her on the cover? Can’t really tell. I think that hurts some of the potential. Remember it’s not always about print run, but more so demand.

          1. I’m OK with the cover. It’s not awful but it isn’t great either…and yeah that is Dr. Aphra on the cover. The way I am looking at it is Dr. Aphra has become a big time fan favorite in a very short time. Disney knows this full well. I just don’t see them leaving her out of the live action mix for long. Too much money to be made. With a high enough budget and those two evil/awesome droids she pals around with a show could be really, really good! Still an “if” but if something like that happens in the next year or so average cover or not, the rarity of the 1:25 would make it extremely sought after. If you can find one out in the wild for a good price consider buying it. Too much of an upside right now. That’s my opinion anyway.

    2. If you’re specking Darth Vader #3 on eBay, be weary of auctions not showing the back cover. That book is notorious for the color rubbing off on the backing board.

      I would avoid paying high prices unless already slabbed.

  2. I believe you have the Stargirl info reversed. I’m pretty sure Courtney’s first appearance is in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0.
    Love this site! Love that you’re doing a Weekend Wrap-Up!

  3. $30 is cheap for #405 I am now getting $50 on high grades. don’t forget those low printed maxx later issues s#30-35&comic talk #1. hopinto score some today.and is anyone else concerned that Disney plus is producing to much content?a person can only watch so much before it becomes overwhelming just my two sense love you all blind out

    1. Disney is so freakin huge now and has so many different demographics that enjoy their properties that they could flood D+ with tons of content and there would still be a groups of fans that want more. Disney is sitting on the biggest cash cow farm in the known universe and they are going to milk every one of them until dry.

  4. There wasn’t a lot of talk about LCSD this weekend. Did anyone go out and get anything good?

    I was able to hit a few stores and able to get the following:
    Walking Dead Alien (4 copies all for cover)
    Killadelphia (2 copies for cover)
    New Mutants (Deodata cover X 2 for $25 each)

    I really liked the Walking Dead and kept one for myself for the PC. Sold all the rest. TWD were going for $19-$22 each but looks to have dropped down now. The New Mutants sold for $60 each. Killadelphia haven’t had a chance to read yet, but the artwork looks great.

    Any cool pickups from anyone?

    Good hunting.

    1. I picked up Killadelphia and it was good. TWD was good as well. Also got Absolute Carnage. My friend Phillip Kennedy Johnson was at the shop and got to shoot the bull with him for a bit and had him sign some Marvel Zombies and Last God for me.

  5. I wanted the AC #5 variant. Didn’t care for any of the other covers. Haven’t picked up the issue yet in hopes of coming across the LCSD variant. Will be driving by a few shops Wednesday or on Black Friday.

    Were shops charging extra for these variants? Online they’re at a slightly elevated premium it seems (2-4 times cover).

  6. Stargirl has already been on the CW plenty she was on a whole season of Legends of Tomorrow and I think one of the cross over events too if I remember.

    1. After seeing the quality of production for The Mandalorian, Im sure Disney will do Aphra in live action, if she is done at all. Aphras show would be ripe for Vader cameos. I’m so down for that.

  7. Batman #404 is a lot of times mislabeled first Falcone which it may be but in reading it 3 times best I could say is a shadowed statue appearance is all I could find, but more importantly in #404 is first Halle Berry Catwoman look. Also #404 has that scene with Bruce and the Bat from Batlfek Justice League.

    1. the less said about hal berys catwoman the better.i think the books for the batman are batman l.h.&batmand ark victory just a great time to be a fan or dealer love you guys blind adam out

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