Variant Books of the Week 11/27/2019

There was a lot of books to read through and as always some of the Books were late. Nonetheless, even though I wasn’t too excited as far as long-term value on any of the books. There were some who depending on what you like will make for a good read, and some who’s opening High Opening interest are obviously a bit of stretch. Though I only have a few books listed here keep an eye on the indie books, I read a few that had a decent story and good interiors, but low opening interest so I didn’t list them here. The Masters of course make an appearance on this list One of them was a keep your money.

Last God #2

Riccardo Federici for the cover, and the interior isn’t that bad either.

Killadelphia #1 Cover B Incentive Francesco Mattina

Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover (Absolute Carnage Tie-In)

Overall there were some good elements in here that I eventually wanted to see, but not t right now. A lot of the stuff felt kind of crammed in, which resulted in a very difficult to detect narrative story structure, but I will allow it since I can see what it is trying to set up. All that to say that you may want to consider picking this up.

Action Comics Vol 2 #1017 Cover B Variant Lucio Parrillo Card Stock Cover (Year Of The Villain)

I love Lucio Parrillo, Superman images, and the cover to this comic is incredible. It has Superman looking a little superior and almost demonic, yet still comes through looking heroic in a timeless, iconic way. Large number for Action Comics, and the fact that it is a stock cover will be the reason that it eludes rarity. Parillo fans should have this on their radar.

Vengeance Of Vampirella Vol 2 #2 Cover M Limited Edition Lucio Parrillo Virgin Cover

I’m torn on this cover. It does have a genuinely creepy concept with the cemetery background and skulls, and Parillo makes good use of the space; however, but something seems kind of off: The warped design of the wings looks awkward; the hands look weirdly off somehow; and the gratuitous nature is kind of a put off, but I guess this is the best way to sell the book, so I guess it works.


Avengers Vol 7 #27 Cover C Incentive Starbrand Variant Cover 1:100

I don’t trust the opening interest on this book. It is fun in that hey let’s throw something on the wall to see if sticks kind of away, but the mash-up here doesn’t do it for me. There are about 3 characters involved in this story line whose 1st appearances combined I could probably pickup for less than this ratio price.

7 thoughts on “Variant Books of the Week 11/27/2019”

  1. The only thing that would make any sense would be if she were in the process of morphing into, or from, a winged creature, like a bat.

    I don’t know enough about her to say if this is something she does or not.

  2. I find Parrillo to be a hit or miss honestly. And for me is miss 80% of the time. Not saying he’s a bad artist, but his art is very droopy in ways where the faces or pieces of skin look like they have too much skin or too much weight to them and the anatomy/poses/concept/perception seems to be off on a lot of his covers, but in ways you can’t really point to it, it’s just there. Also because these are painted, I find many covers to appear really dark especially when compared to a regular marvel book. Not that great for displaying. Tho I do have great respect for him and seems like a really cool dude. Watching him make his covers are amazing.

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