10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Well said agentpoyo! I used to joke that the Christmas season would eventually start before Halloween. And guess what? This year it actually did! And CBS News reports that there are 70 new Christmas television movies this season alone. Sorry, but that’s just overkill for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your family, take some good photos and videos! Make some memories!

  2. happy thanksgiving everyone.don’t eat to much.cheese platters are #awesomesauce.and how can we get life time banned?taken off the air?they have been showing Christmas specials since October and it is upsetting me #testify blind adam out

  3. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy family, friends and most of all BE SAFE! Canada, you need a Thank Canada day that happens to fall on the same day as Thanksgiving.

    1. Dont get too excited. Marvel is giving retailers an additional discount if they order a certain amount, plus the store variants are coming, plus there’s a 1:1000 variant = stores will be flooded with Thor #1’s and will have to give them away. I’ve read issue #1 and there’s no spec to drive demand.

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