Black Friday Deals – Open Forum

I hope everyone here in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving but everyone also knows what follows is the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

So I’m starting a post for everyone to post their Black Friday pickups, post any deals you find, etc.

TFAW is having a huge sale. 50% off recent comics and up to 75% off other comics. 40% off statues and toys.

Midtown is also having their annual 75% off sale and 60% off Marvel Graphic Novels.

Now my own shameless plug for some comics I dug out and listed for CHU Black Friday. I’ll be trying to add more over the next week as I dig them out.

So post what ya found at a great price today, post deals (coupon codes) you find.. anything goes!

Happy Black Friday!

18 thoughts on “Black Friday Deals – Open Forum”

    1. I’ve heard terrible things about sad lemon comics they are also one of the shops that doesn’t disclose the print runs of their variants. Buyer beware.

        1. That they try to manipulate the market. Spawn #283 comes to my mind. They are one of the shops who marks up books on, and before, it’s release date. And, as I previously stated, they are one of those shops who state false and misleading info regarding the print runs of their retailer variants. And worse of all, they are Buddies/partners with cx. Imo, full blown snake oil salesmen.

          1. we clearly state what our books are limited to & then come with numbered CoA which supports that, so not sure how that can be misleading??
            & the Spawn thign was ridiculous & completely blown out of proportion!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. and we just buy from CX at wholesale (like many other retailers) and sell their exclusives & nebver have a problem with them. They ship promptly & our customers always get their books

    2. I’ve bought from Sad Lemon a few times and never had a problem at all.

      In fact they are my go to place if I missed out on an exclusive at all of the American/Canadian sites as they will have the exclusives just a little longer.

      I’ve found that even with the exchange rates the prices are the same and shipping is reasonable for me when I’m ordering 4-8 books or so.

  1. Another great deal is at BCW Supplies. At checkout if you use the coupon “25% OFF” it knocks off, 25%. For regular customers you get free shipping on orders over $80 as well.

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