Poyo’s Trade and Hardcover Picks of the Week

We shouldn’t just collect or flip books, we should also read them. A good story can make your purchase well worth the money spent if you ask me. After all, we buy books to read for entertainment right? Even if you can’t flip them, reading is just as rewarding.

We tend to focus on mostly the floppy copies each week and kind of ignore the trades and hardcovers that come out week after week.

These can be one off books, collected editions or special editions. I go into these picks of mostly just the solicitations provided from the publishers. These are the ones that caught my attention coming out this week or within the next couple of weeks.

It’s a pricey Hardcover but for me it’s the only way to read this one. I bought all the floppies just to have but this first pick is the way these should be read.

Absolute Dark Knight III the Master Race HC

One of the most highly anticipated sequels of all time is collected in a new Absolute edition!

In a world gone awry, left in the aftermath of the toppling of Lex Luthor and the apparent death of Batman himself, who will save Gotham City and the rest of the planet from the mysterious Master Race?

This Absolute edition includes the entire nine-issue series with each issue’s minicomic presented at the same size. Includes DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #1-9, including the insert comics reproduced at the same size as the main comics, plus THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: THE LAST CRUSADE #1.

These types of hardcovers are for the ultimate Dark Knight and Frank Miller fans.

For all you Vampirella fans out there….

Vampirella 50th Anniversary Poster Collection SC

2019 is the Year of Vampirella, and Dynamite’s not letting up! Celebrate 50 years of the red-hot Daughter of Draculon with a showcase of some of Vampi’s best covers EVER.

This collection of 20 big and beautiful Vampirella posters features the work of some of the greatest names in comics: Frank Cho, Alex Ross, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Adam Hughes, Joe Jusko, Joseph Michael Linsner, Joshua Middleton, J. Scott Campbell, Billy Tucci, and More! Made to show off, each poster is printed on heavy cardstock paper at 12″x16″ and easily removed from the body of the book. Line your walls with one of comics’ most bitingly beautiful heroines!

The best way to catch up on the history of the Silver Surfer so you don’t have to crack open the early books one should no longer touch.

Silver Surfer Epic Collection TPB When Calls Galactus New Ptg

COLLECTING FANTASTIC FOUR #48-50, 55-61, 72, 74-77 & ANNUAL#5; and TALES TO ASTONISH #92-93. All Ages

Donny Cates along with the rest of Marvel is bringing back Silver Surfer into the mainstream stories so this is a good way to get acclimated to the surfer of the cosmos.

With the recent Hillhouse comics making their way into our lives from DC Comics Black Label, this is a perfect pickup if you’re a Joe Hill fan or wanting to read more of his work.

Joe Hill the Cape Fallen HC

If power corrupts, then surely with great power comes even greater corruption. Writer Jason Ciaramella and artist Zach Howard uncovers new folds in Hill’s cautionary anti-superhero tale with a story that takes place between the scenes of the original series.

Eric’s already killed his ex-girlfriend and (spoiler alert) soon he’ll go after his mom and brother. But first he’ll go missing for three torturous days. What other atrocities will Eric commit? What violent secrets does the Cape still hide? There’s no telling, but the answers to those questions will further underline The Cape’s central theme-that no amount of power will make a bad person good.

Advance solicited for March release! New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill’s darkest creation returns in an unsettling new tale!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Remember there’s tons of sales going on. TFAW has an additional $5 off on orders over $30. I love these big sales, best time to load up on filler and reader issues and picking up the pricey graphic novels for cheap.

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  1. Great choices, I went with the NEW PTG of ANNIHILATION OMNIBUS HC, which comes out Wednesday December 4th. I’ll be 40. When various friends asked me what I wanted, I told them to all chip in together and get me that book or anything on my Amazon Wishlist (several trades there) $125 it is a little pricey I’ll probably buy this one on December 13th though.

    Here is the PreviewsWorld # if anyone wants it.

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