Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 12/2/2019

This coming FOC is a much smaller list for books on final order before retailers and consumers miss out.

So what’s got my eye this week? It’s probably not going to heat up but could be hard to find if retailers didn’t order new copies not knowing how this new series will sell since the first issue doesn’t actually hit shelves until December 11th.

It’s Red Mother #1 2nd Printing which I must say, is a pretty sweet cover.

I must also do a mention that Batman Beyond #39 is on FOC this Monday as well. There’s a good chance this is the issue we learn of the new Batwoman’s true identity.

2 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 12/2/2019”

  1. Will look into this 2nd print of red mother…reminds me of another FOC book from a few weeks past…

    I have to say I visited several larger LCS’s between Wednesday and Friday and did not see one single Batman Beyond 37 2nd print. The only difference was red/pink highlights instead of blue/white of the first print.

    Yet despite that there are ebay sellers that clearly ordered many copies…Golden Apple and Sanctum still have copies for sale…still think this is a long term hold if you see it out there. Might heat up when the identity is revealed.

    1. To my knowledge my local shops didn’t get any 2nd prints of BB37 either. I’m willing to bet a lot of shops missed it since it wasn’t on the FOC Diamond weekly order list. I pre-ordered some though. These might pop depending on who’s revealed as Batwoman. They keep hinting it’s someone that already exists in the Batman Beyond universe so we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

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