December Previews 2019 – DC & Black Label Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight of new books coming out of December Previews for DC and Black Label books  that has us excited, either on the spec level, read level or just gorgeous cover art level.

Is this the reveal of the new Batwoman or do we get it in the previous issue? The solicitations definitely tell us we learn by this issue regardless.

Batman Beyond #41

In her pursuit of Blight, Batwoman finally discovers the fate of Batman, but doing so leaves her with a choice: take the villain into custody or free her friend and take him home. T

hat is, if enough of Batman’s mind is left that he’ll even know what ‘home’ means.

Also, how will all of Batman’s allies react when they discover the Batwoman’s true identity?

Just a great looking Catwoman cover. It’s a pick just for the cover art alone.
Catwoman #20 (Ian Macdonald Variant)

Raina Creel’s thugs are making a move on the pawn shop where Catwoman has set up headquarters, and if Selina can’t stop them, it could cost the lives of the allies she has working there.

Luckily, none of them will go down without a fight; unluckily, Raina’s biggest bad may have more fight than any of them can handle.

Been really enjoying these new Hillhouse horror books under the Black Label imprint. Can’t go wrong with some Kelley Jones artwork as well.
Daphne Byrne #2 (of 6)

The spirit known as Brother has revealed himself to Daphne, and he wants only to help and protect her.

But who, exactly, does Daphne need protection from? The cruelty of the other girls at school? Or the medium who seems to be taking her mother even further under her wing?

The hit new Last God series continues, it’s a must pick up for me.
Last God #5

Beyond the edge of creation lies the Black Stair. And beyond it, amidst the void, he waits. Mol Uhltep, The Last God. This is the tale of those who claimed to slay him, and the world they doomed with their lies.

Thirty years in the past, Tyr forges an alliance with a new member of his fellowship, a powerful spellcaster who reveals an unimaginable truth to the Fellowship: the one, true origin of the Last God.

In the present, as the forces of the Last God attempt to breach the Pinnacle, Skol, grandmaster of the Guild Eldritch, unveils her plan to Queen Cyanthe and Veikko, while Valko uncovers the first of many horrible truths about the cost of human magic.

One of the only DC titles I’ve been keeping up with. This is the finale of the 12 issue mini-series.
Martian Manhunter #12 (of 12)

It’s the Martian Manhunter and Charnn’s last confrontation! To save the souls of every human on Earth, J’onn must put his past behind him for good and become the hero we know him to be.

But Charnn won’t make it easy; he’s going to strike at every vulnerability and weakness the Martian Manhunter has.

The finale to the critically acclaimed series is here!

Great looking new series. I’m a sucker for stories that involve shipwrecks.
Plunge #1 (of 6)

In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, an exploration vessel known as the Derleth begins sending an automated distress signal from a remote atoll in the Bering Strait. The only problem is that the Derleth has been missing for 40 years.

Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Salvage team to recover the Derleth’s dead…only to find that in this remote part of the Arctic Circle the dead have plenty to say to the living…Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen’s Plunge into terror begins here!

I’m not a huge Frison fan like some others are but I can see this one gaining attention due to the classic outfit.
Wonder Woman #85 (Jenny Frison Variant)

Wonder Woman…under arrest! As she starts to protect her new hometown of Boston, the city wonders-who will protect Boston from her?

Agent Nora Nunes must shadow Wonder Woman for a day to ensure the city will be safe if Diana resides there. But what starts as a tranquil day transforms into disaster relief, and Diana and Nora will need to survive not only the elements, but also the arrival of the three Dark Fates!

Great series and story by Lemire.  This one will be great when it’s released as a complete hardcover. Could result as a new age Killing Joke type of book.

Joker Killer Smile #3 (of 3)

Everything Dr. Ben Arnell knew is wrong. Who can he turn to?

The Joker waits with open arms…and all he needs from Ben is open cell doors!

The unbelievable psychological thriller from the creators of Gideon Falls hits a fever pitch and crashes to its decisive finale…or does it?

The hit new series continues. It’s a must as these have been great reads.

Basketful of Heads #5 (of 7)

June Branch is the prisoner of a desperate and violent man who wants information. But who’s really interrogating who here?

June’s wits are sharp, but the occult Viking axe she has stashed nearby is even sharper… if only she can talk her way out of the cell she’s in and get it back in her hands!

Just like Basketful of Heads, great reads coming out of Hillhouse. I also really dig these covers and how they create the covers for this Dollhouse Family title.

Dollhouse Family #4 (of 6)

Alice’s worst nightmare has come true: the Dollhouse has returned…and if it can’t have her, it’ll settle for her daughter!

And as horrible as her prior experiences with the House have been, they’re nothing compared to what it’s been able to come up with after 20 years of waiting…

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    1. I like them as far as holding and reading. I enjoy the way they look.

      However, I can see how storing them could be a pain in the ass. I just happen to have a magazine short box laying around so it’s not so bad now but I don’t know what I’ll do when it fills up. Also, my mail order LCS bags and boards them for me so I don’t have to worry about that.

      1. I’m in the same boat. I like them to read but storing is painful. I just don’t have enough magazine size books to warrant a short or long box currently. Maybe since Black Label is pumping more out, that might change.

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