Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of January 15th, 2020

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of January 15th, 2020, which is my first one of the new year.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughn

Mark this as a like and dislike. The news that Ex Machina is going to be a movie is great (if it actually ever materializes from the option and things written down on paper) but on the other hand, I feel a movie would do the overall story an injustice.

Despite the news that this story might become a movie, this is a book I think everyone should read, particularly if you enjoy BKV’s writing.

When I was first getting back into comics, I was picking up Walking Dead Trades to read as the show was my re-introduction into the world of graphic novels. As I was wrapping up and catching up with the Walking Dead, I was then introduced to Y: The Last Man which then led to picking up the trades for Ex Machina soon after as I fell in love with BKV work.

I actually started off attempting to collect the single issues for Ex Machina but my local area was limited on back issues and one shop that did have a bunch were pretty beaten up copies.

Moon Knight News

There’s some news that Moon Knight shooting will start this August, which they are currently casting parts for the main lead, a female lead, a female and male villains. Any news about Moon Knight gets me excited.

I’ve heard rumors that the current lead could be Daniel Radcliffe. I’m still not sure about him as Marc Spector. He’s a good actor but I just can’t envision him taking on this role.

There has been talks already that the main villain will be Bushman, who’s first appearance was in Moon Knight #1.

The female lead is interesting though. If they’re basing this off the earlier Moon Knight stories, this lead could be based on the character Marlene Alraune (first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #28).

With their on and off relationship, even getting married, having a child (yes, Marc Spector has a child), this makes total sense as the first female lead in this series.

If you were casting for the lead role in Moon Knight, who would be your pick for Marc Spector? Honestly, if he hadn’t already been the caped crusader, my pick would be Christian Bale. He fits the role perfectly cause he could plan a person with multiple personalities beautifully. But I know that’s never going to happen but he would be my top pick if I was in power.

The Man Who Effed Up Time

Man Who Effed Up Time #1 (Cover A - Mostert)John Layman’s new book The Man Who Effed Up Time is on FOC this week and I got a hold of an advanced preview of #1 and issue #2, which I must admit, was a great read.

Man Who Effed Up Time #2 (Cover A - Mostert)Layman brings forth what could be an entertaining read with the complicated time travel story telling. We need more independent books that bring back the entertainment in the story telling. This is exactly what would happen if we humans created a time machine, we would ultimately destroy our current time line as we know it.

Seems a lot of the more recent independent books fall flat after the first issue.

I have hopes for this new title as it seems my current indie reading lists is pretty small in terms of picking up ongoing titles.

21 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of January 15th, 2020”

  1. I don’t like finishing in second place. I swear, if I bid on an auction I’m either first or second….usually second. Happened again this evening.

    The Again, if it wasn’t for me driving up the sale price at the last second attempting to snipe out a victory, many sellers out there wouldn’t be getting top dollar for their books.

    You’re welcome.

    Fortunately it’s not a book that’s rare…plenty more to snipe and get a good price…just gonna bide my time for the right opportunity…

    1. As long as you don’t bid over your budget, you still win. Nothing worse than getting caught up in the bidding war and you pay more than you were intending to pay.

      1. I wish I could say that about the sports teams I support…..

        “Hey, we didn’t make the playoffs but we are all winners for not overspending on our Star players!!”

        1. Yeah, well Sports is a totally different category in regards to that.. But you know, I’m willing to bet some owners probably think that way still.. as long as they’re not losing money while owning the team and they don’t care if the team is losing, to them it’s a win win by not having a huge payroll and continue to make profit while the fans suffer a sucky team..

  2. Charlie Mcavoy would be a great moon Knight, I mean he portrayed an MP character in Split.

    But he played Xavier so don’t know if that could happen.

    But Chris Evans played Cap after playing Human Torch so…

  3. What about advertising pop-ups? Do those grind your gears? Because I know they grind mine, in fact eventually they grow so tiresome that I simply stop visiting the site.

    1. About the new ads you might be seeing. So we’re testing out a new Ad Manager that we hope will generate more income to support the site as the old ads just weren’t cutting it entirely. The whole idea behind display ads is for them to display longer, ads that are stuck on a page in a particular location can get scrolled on and missed, lowering their overall revenue potential.

      One thing we did say as a big no was any pop up ads that stream videos, cause those really grind my own gears (pop ups annoy me so we’re really trying to make the ones that do pop up here not as intrusive, off to the side, etc). I don’t block ads on the site (because I want to see what’s getting advertised and block any from displaying if I find them overly annoying or irrelevant) and as I despise ads myself on most websites, I can tolerate ours on CHU still. It’s not as bad as some other sites.

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      1. Adds have t been bothering me. Although right now there’s an add that starts “7 Beautiful Women for Every Man…”.

        Dream Singles…

        1. Sweet.. I get dating ads all the time too. Once when I was out of town, I hit up CHU from my hotel room and Ashley Madison ads start popping up all over.. Hmm.. I guess a lot of people hook’n up on the cheater websites while on business and such…

      2. Mr. Poyo .. speaking as a Denizen of on-line Forums / Chats / etc, since the days of USENET and the BBS’s .. there is nothing wrong with offering a “Membership” for a nominal fee .. a year or more for a small fee that gets you a “badge” or indicator of some sort .. offer up a free gift of some sort to those that contribute ..

        I think the financial gain that CHU helps some obtain is a valuable commodity .. of course, still have free access, but collecting a few shekels from those that are willing to chip in is not a bad idea or a bad thing .. you fine folks provide a service, and, as you mention, it’s not cheap to run ..

        1. Yeah, we’ve had plenty of discussions about how to help raise money to support the site overall. We just have to take the best approach and I’m a big believer of keeping the info “free” all the time, since most of the info we provide is eventually spread out into the public anyways. Seems there’s just a log of “paid subscriptions” cropping up and I myself would never pay for info I can or will eventually get for free.

          The one thing I would be open to is a “Support This Site Directly” and the perk would be if you do, it removes ads. Ads support the site, don’t like ads, throw us a few bucks to remove them..

          1. When I was an Admin on a large TV / Movie discussion forum, we had a Membership option .. the site remained fully free to all, however, if you were a paying Member, you got a “badge” that indicated such and you had access to Member Only areas, such as a classified ad section ..

            We did not gain a huge number of paying Members, maybe one out of 15 users would join .. however, it did help defray the cost of the site and at the same time, did not really limit the non-Members access or ability to contribute ..

  4. some things I like this week.stranger things.binged it all.loved it.hate we have to wait until November for new episodes.the end to c.w. crisis.excited for that.and I would a unknow to play oon knight .lets make moon knight the star.however if the Stephen amell rumor is true then that would reek of awesomness love ya all blind adam out

  5. Given I had my Achilles reconstructed a few months ago….yes, I have been.

    South coast toy and comic show in Swansea, MA. Finally an add I will be baited into….

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