New Black Widow Trailer Hits Online

A new trailer for Black Widow hit online about Midnight last night. Check it out below.

In Addition to the trailer. Marvel Studios put out a “Special Look” video that follows Black Widow from the begining to now.

9 thoughts on “New Black Widow Trailer Hits Online”

  1. I hate prequels in all forms.
    I mean she’s dead and this is probably just setting up her little sister to come replace her but still, just not excited.

    1. Given the extent of the story that was told in the infinity Saga, wouldn’t every Marvel movie technically be a prequel to every movie that followed it? Sequel, prequel…these are just labels and do not reflect the quality of the story or production value. I find your statement to be quite closed.

  2. How do we know that wasn’t a skrull in her form that bit it anyway. Can you say secret invasion? Could be a way to bring her and Ironman back.

    1. I don’t think Hawkeye would have been rewarded with the soul stone if it was a skrull. The rules stated by Red Skull was that you must sacrifice someone you love in order to get the soul stone. I am unaware of any strong relationship between Clint and any skrull. If s skrull was sacrificed, then Clint would not have been awarded with the soul stone. He would’ve been left hanging there wondering wtf just happened.

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