Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 1/15/2020

Every week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at hearing up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 1/15/2020:

Very slow spec week in my opinion. Very slow start to the year to be honest. No “Pick of the Week” per se, just picks that are of interest.

Returning Favorites
Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy From The World Of Black Hammer #2 – Sold out at Midtown, the first issue was not only good, but in demand. Worth looking at.

Folklords #2 – good start to this new series. Fun read.

Red Mother #2 – Interesting concept. Boom has been firing on all cylinders lately. Great read.

Reprints of the week
Detective Comics #359 Cover C Facsimile Edition – I love the facsimile editions, exact reprints of the classic issues. This one features the first appearance of Batgirl.

Dollar Comics Batman Adventures #12 – Should have been a facsimile edition, but a reprint of the first appearance of Harley for a buck. Not bad.

Incredible Hulk #180 Cover B Facsimile Edition – First appearance of Wolverine getting the facsimile treatment (I have no dog in the fight, but love to say it.)

New #1’s
Rising Sun #1 – New IDW mini-series. Chiyoko of the Koi Clan leads a group of powerful warriors, the best each clan has to offer, on a mission to save Japan from dragons and monsters. But perhaps the greatest threat she faces is not the many monsters who are ravaging the country, but her own team…

Iron Man 2020 #1 – New storyline featuring Arlo Stark, the Iron Man of 2020. The future is here, no where are my flying cars.

Jessica Jones Blind Spot #1 – The return of Jessica Jones to a solo story. Looks pretty good actually.

The One and Done Ones
Ruins Of Ravencroft Sabretooth One Shot – A one shot centered around Ravencroft, the Arkham Asylum of the Marvel Universe. This one centers on Sabretooth. Sold out in advance at Midtown, which I found interesting.

Venom The End One Shot – This one would be my pick of the week if I was picking a winner this week. Venom story spanning the timeline into trillions of years in the future. Love the look of Venom on the cover.

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  1. I think this week’s Folklords #2 is the 2nd print.

    I was considering getting the Detective #359 facsimile but then remembered I have the Toys R Us reprint from awhile back…just not sure where.

    I am wondering if some of these Ravencroft books are going to pop…might they have lower print runs being one-shots?…and could the institution gain further importance down the road? I did not see many copies of last week’s book in my area.

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