Pre-game Report for 1/15/2020

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Seriously, not much going on this week in advance. One thing I can say is do not fall in for the Iron Man 2020 #1 Premiere Two Per Store Variant at inflated prices. Midtown has theirs listed at the bargain price of $170.00 (on sale from $200). Needless to say there are numerous listings for $15 or less. Many at $10 or less.

As always, let us know if you see something popping

5 thoughts on “Pre-game Report for 1/15/2020”

  1. I remember they were asking $100 for their Dark Crystal Age of Resistance one-per-store….I found it at my LCS for $10….most places online were $15…and still are. Theirs is still listed at $100 (well, $80 with he 20% off).

  2. I’m really not liking this trend of completely “Dead Spec” weeks. Since End Game came out it’s seemed extremely slow.

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